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To: Anonymous
Monday, July 27, 2009 @ 10:34 PM

Recently, just recently, I received a comment from an anonymous reader regarding my previous entry realllllllly long ago.

Okay, actually, the recently was 2 days ago. Yeah.

The anonymous reader commented on the post about "The Things Women Do For Beauty", or rather, for lack of a better phrasing, the extent that women abuse their faces and bodies in order to look beautiful.

Except the anonymous reader posted her comment (Yeah, I'm assuming its a 'her'.) in the entry after that. Anyway, to address your comment, I shall just post here since I don't see why you would go back to that super long ago entry just to check my reply.

The anonymous person asked, "where cn i buy the nose pincher and hw much does it cost ?" (in her exact words)

And here is my reply to her:

Hello Anonymous,

Firstly, let me start by making an irrational and completely presumptuous statement.

Let me assume you are from Singapore. Yeah, that would minimise the scope of your question and make it easier for me to address your concern.

You have asked the correct person. Being the avid window shopper that I am (due to my currently still broke and schooling status, ahem) I have seen it many times in BUGIS STREET LEVEL 2.

You know those make up and accessory stores claiming to import products from Korea and Hong Kong? Actually, I know they're just from China just by reading the descriptions. But anyway, those shops in Bugis Street Level 2 has the exact nose pincher you are looking for. They sell products commonly featured in Nui Ren Wo Zui Da and many other fascinating thingamajigs like Double Eyelid Glue and the likes.

So you can find it there. If you can't, do comment again as I totally welcome any further enquiries.

PS: I'm only doing this because I get so few comments on my blog (What am I talking about? Almost zilch.) that I actually feel excited when I see one as it shows that someone has been reading my blog. Or rather somebody has been using Google. Argh.

PPS: I prefer to see things from the first perspective. Yeah. Positivity rules, baby.

'NS kills relationships.' How far do you agree?
Sunday, July 19, 2009 @ 4:29 AM

Tonight, I am going to blog about the the urban legend that most girls leave their boyfriends while they are in army.

Though I doubt it will happen to me because I am one very loyal and committed person. So yes.

It will not.

Unless, possibly, perhaps, maybe if I happen to meet a very smart, intelligent billionaire the next day who is willing to buy me a whole lifetime's supply of Heather Bailey fabric, and give me an allowance of about 10K SGD to spend every month.


Maybe only.

Note the criterias: Rugged, intelligent, billionaire (cos millionaires don't quite cut it lol)

But what are the chances of this wonderful dream happening. Like 0.0000000111 percent?


Okay, quit dreaming. Anyway, back to my topic of how many people always assume that it is so easy for couples to break up in NS, just because the girl's heart gets swayed.

Let me tell you.

I do not think it is true.

Seriously, NS puts guys in a difficult situation.

1. Your boyfriends do not have it easy in the army.

Girls, listen out there!

Your boyfriend does not have it easy in the army.

In army, they have to tolerate all the shit from the upper ranks, go through torturous training every day (unless you're in PES C and working as a clerk, good for you) and the occasional 'problems in camp'.

Therefore, when they call us at night feeling damn groggy and beat and actually all we want to do is to hear them say those 3 precious words, it just never comes.

Sometimes, he calls and do not talk.

You can only hear the ah bengs in the background.

Do not feel pissed or annoyed.

Do understand why he's so quiet. Maybe he only wants to hear your voice before he sleeps.

Do not nag at him when he calls or tell him to do something for you this weekend.

It would make things a lot better.

2. Understand his needs

3. Do not force him to tell you about his troubles.

Guys will talk when they want to.

They're straightforward, simple, one-way. They communicate for the sake of communicating.

Girls, on the other hand, treat communication like a double-edged sword. Girls are emotional. They derive pleasure from sharing their problems with other people and just want people to "hear them out".

Common Scenario 1:
Girlfriend: Why are you so quiet? You okay?
Boyfriend: Camp got problems...
Girlfriend: Wanna tell me about them?
Boyfriend: Aiyar, tell you, you also won't know.

Do not cajole, force, tease your boyfriend into sharing his 'army problems' with you.

Maybe it's because I see him every week without fail?

It's becoming like a ritual.

Book out, call, arrange to meet, meet, eat, watch movie, walk, talk, send home, sleep, book in.

Yup, sharing your weekend with a boyfriend in NS is quite miserable.

We are fast becoming people with no lives.


Racial superiority rears its ugly head... Again.
@ 4:29 AM

Let's put this in casual terms.

I write this blog for leisure and not for discussion of serious issues. By penning my thoughts about this topic, I have no intention of criticism towards anyone, nor to say the very least, for I am now prodding between the very fine line of the sensitive topic of racial in Singapore.

Many people often debate and talk about racial discrimination, sure, it really is taking a toll on our society by causing many social problems.

My personal take on this topic is that I strongly believe in racial cohesion, and unity through diversity. I myself have a few friends from different racial groups and I find it interesting to understand their culture and interact with them, and I have never ever seen or even thought of them as any different from myself.

One of my childhood bestfriends is an Indian and she is one of the most quirky, interesting and funniest people that I have met. I went to her house once and met her family. Her older brother is damn funny and always cracks jokes that are albeit lame but crack me up. I can never forget the times when she sacrificed something for me, even if it was a small thing like lending me money.

She has indeed left an impression on my life.

We would all like the world to be as peaceful and colour-blind as we think.

However, I cannot deny the fact that racial discrimination is everywhere and this sad fact is quite inescapable. You can set up an anti-racism group and there will be millions around the globe who oppose your point of view, or simply don't give a heck.

There's a middle-aged lecturer in my school who is a Caucasian, or what you call in Singaporean terms an "Ang Moh" or in Malay, a "Mat Salleh". I won't go to say who he is or even elaborate on what he teaches.

You know how curious people are or how words spread like wildfire.

Anyway, I won't deny that he is a really nice guy. And I mean, generally a typical nicey-nice teacher --- Smiley, chatty and talks to you like you're his friend. Unafraid to crack jokes about himself. Someone who doesn't hold the teacher-student divide, like "I'm a teacher, so I must do this. You're a student, so you should behave appropriately so."

He's someone who doesn't scold you when you come in late for class, except to smile and say, "Welcome in!" in a jolly tone.

He's so nice, that I have nothing against him. It's really hard to have something against someone who is so nice. (Note I use the word 'nice' to describe him a lot) In fact, I think he can teach rather well in the sense that he is able to interact and engage the class.

Especially the girls. They seem to find him humorous and generally enjoys his company in class.

BUT, you know something?

On the other hand, it kinda irks me to see the extent that everybody adores him and laughs at his jokes even though.




Really. Funny.

It's kinda like, the reaction you get when somebody says something lame or makes fun of himself but it backfires. It just isn't funny.

I mean, I wouldn't laugh. Probably fake-laugh if I could and was trying to be polite. Haha. Be honest, tell me you do that too.

Anyway, I don't get why everybody gets in serious guffaws over his so-called 'funny' wisecracks which seriously just sound retarded to me and don't make any sense at all. Often I just sit in my chair watching the others in the lecture hall doubling over and laughing, the girls giggling and commenting that, "His joke was really that funny!" and I just think, 'Hmmm, is it me or is it me?"

Even my friends laugh at his jokes and the way a friend just told me today, in a very excited tone, "You know what, I enjoy his lessons a lot!" made me ponder for a moment.

Do I have a delayed reaction or what. I would seriously like to doubt so.

Maybe I'm just really hard to tickle.

You know why she enjoys his lessons? Cos she finds him funny.

On the contrary, I don't think so. I am really practical and realistic, in a way. I confess I tend to analyse and judge a lot, and someone is only a good teacher to me if he is smart and he teaches well. Ditto those who are smart only, but can't teach well.

Oh geez. Everytime I think about this, I get a shiver down my spine.

You know, I honestly think that if the Ang Moh lecturer was changed into a middle-aged Chinese man saying the same thing, he just wouldn't get the SAME reaction. You get what I mean?

I think that people do tend to discriminate and revere unconsciously.

And this is quite sad, especially in our multi-racial society that we pride ourselves upon.

I once encountered an incident in the crowded MRT on a saturday afternoon. A heavily pregnant woman entered the MRT with her husband and several shopping bags in tow. She looked exhausted, her face glistening with beads of sweat and and her belly was very ripe with pregnancy. Nobody in the MRT got up to offer their seat, some were sleeping and some were just plain oblivious.

Suddenly, an indian construction worker hesitantly stood up and gestured towards the empty seat, indicating that she could sit there. The pregnant woman smiled gratefully and muttered a small, "Thanks" and hobbled over to the empty seat.

Before she even reached the chair, her husband swooped over and caught her by the arm, saying, "Eh, don't larh. Dunno whether clean or not leh."

And the silly but quite humble and obedient wife simply nodded to his response, leaving me feeling extremely dumb-founded.

I only have a very disappointed reaction to this scenario.

3 letters:

Hello. Seat offered for you wife, yet you still dissaude her from taking it? What kind of husband are you in the first place ah?

OR rather, do you even have brains. I gather that you are implying that the construction worker has germs or bacteria on him that transferred from the seat and thus might contaminate her.

Geez. Actually, I do feel quite sad for the poor woman, having to endure living with a selfish and thick man like him for the rest of her life. It would be okay if he was selfish but snide and smart. BUT selfish and dumb? What a very sickly combination.

Hmmmm. And how about the Indian man.

Another example of racial superiority - ang mohs are given priority in the queue in the skin-care clinic that I visit. Yes, Joyce Lim. Famous one. But what to do. Her medicine is good.

An American teacher with a strong Southern twang and a not very accurate standard of english is paid higher than a Singaporean Chinese who is educated with standard British pronounciation and a very good command of English. And this happens in the grammer classrooms of China.

Another quite pervasive but often overlooked example of racial superiority - An Ang Moh girl in school who is not as pretty as another Chinese girl is given more attention from the guys. Back in their western countries, these girls would be considered 'plain'. But over here, they are regarded as the rose among the thorns.

Tyra Banks once chided Chinese people who undergo cosmetic surgery to have Western eyes. Yes, I'm talking about big, deep-set eyes with parallel double eye-lids.

I do hate Tyra Banks. I hate the way she criticizes everything and thinks that she is superior, but does not practice what she preaches. But I do find her argument right, in a way.

What for change your genetic self?

What I'm trying to put forward is: Everybody is beautiful, in her own way.

And thats why I feel that all races are the same. White ang mohs are the same ranks as us olive-skinned Chinese, and we are on equal par with the chocolate-skinned Indians.

Maybe one day all races will be on par.


I hate Twilight. Let's diss it.
@ 4:22 AM

I have something to say about Twilight right now, and this is entirely of my opinion and my own personal views.

I hope you will respect my thoughts and feelings about this fan-fiction and also please, feel free to share your thoughts (without personal criticism towards me please, lets behave like adults, shall we?) and I will gladly respect them.

Okay, first all.

I think Twilight sucks.

Okay, okay, cool. I know I couldn't have reached that conclusion so fast. But I, like other people, have become fascinated and sorta "entwined" in the Twilight craze that swept over the world so fast, I actually decided to buy the book, mind you, the first book I have bought in a long time and actually set a part of my holidays to read it.

First things first.

I do not hate Stephanie Meyer, I think she has her own style of writing, but I personally feel that the characters in Twilight are very shallow and so so so SO flat.


Let's take a look at Bella, a classic example, one of the protagonists of the story. Oh golly. What do I have to say about her?

She annoys me to no extent. I keep reading the book and feeling pissed off with Bella, I feel like blanking out her dialogues with Tipp-ex.

Bella is whiney, treats her friends like pests even though they are really nice to her, and keeps dreaming about Phoenix even though she is in Forks already.

I seriously cannot imagine how anyone would like her. Any girl, that is. Girls, would you like a girl whom you treated really nicely, showed her around the first day of school and chatted to her excitedly about school life, and she kinda gives that dis-interested, "I-would-rather-be-alone-in-my-room" look at you and refuses to talk much, except to answer your questions?

And then the next thing you know, she's with with a blood-suckling vampire who's thirsty for the smell of her blood, than hang out with your girls.

All because he's HOT, and has "perfectly muscled chests".

Girls, how would you feel if you had a friend who would rather hang out with a handsome guy who gives her constant heart palpitations and "hyperventilations", than to hang out with your girl friends even through you all were really nice to her?

Bella is just so shallow. I also hate the fact that she has no character development.

What about the fact that she is constantly craves isolation and yet, is so negative about it, it makes me depressed. Bella likes to hide in her room, hole out and complain. A hell lot.

A few kind words for you: SHUT THE HELL UP, GIRL. You're in Forks, accept it. Grow up, young lady.

I hate Edward, and no, my heart doesn't pump for him and go crazy for him unlike every teenage girl adolescent who reads this book. He fails to inspire me.

My Favourite Singer.
@ 3:26 AM

Hi everybody.

Today, I have decided to showcase my favourite singer at the moment.

She is none other than the fabulous Lisa Ono.

She sings Bossanova, which also happens to be my favourite music genre. Jazz is my second favourite.

Why do I love Bossanova so much?

The very complex jazzy chords, together with scarlety flute parts, the relaxed piano in the background, and a soft husky feminine voice, combine and blend so well with each other, it just makes me smile and want to press replay forever.

It just feels so right.

When I listen to Bossanova, I like to listen to it with the volume turned up high. I like listening to every instrument, every chord, every little part.

And Lisa Ono does it right. Even though I cannot understand what most of her songs are about.


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satisfying FOOD, cooking & baking, romantic and funny movies, shopping, going to the beach, Lisa Ono, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Aretha Franklin, all that jazz, Bossanova! And just hanging out with the people I love makes me happy :)

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