there's no real
love in you
Oh Olivia.
Monday, March 24, 2008 @ 1:08 AM

Lately, I have been listening to Olivia Ong.

I discovered her when I was shopping one day, and her songs were playing in the background. "What a lovely voice," I thought.

I liked her voice so much that I actually went up to the shop keeper and requested, "Excuse me, may I know the album that you're playing?"

Most people would not do this.

But after all, there was no harm in asking because if I didn't ask, I would never know. Last time, whenever I was in a shop with nice music playing, I never bothered to ask at all.

I shall make it a point to ask from now on so that I can download all these lovely songs for free and put them on my iPod! Haha.

Anyway, back to Olivia. I was quite surprised to hear her name, "Olivia Ong", because it meant that she was local. And the voice playing certainly did not sound local.

What do I mean?

Singaporean singers often have this Singaporean-ish tone in their voice no matter how much they try to sound different.

"Ong? Is she Singaporean?" I asked.
"I think so," the shop keeper replied. "I think she's mixed."

So anyway, I went home and did a search on her and found out that she was indeed Singaporean.

Olivia Ong is a 21 year old Singaporean with big dreams. Most people in Singapore may not have heard of her because it wouldn't occur to them that the beautiful voice behind those songs belong to a young Singaporean girl.

After her O levels in Singapore, she moved to Japan to further her studies and career as a solo artist.

In 2005, her debut CD, A Girl Meets BossaNova, was released in Japan. It featured eight bossa nova classics and pop songs done in a breezy mellow style.

I like listening to Bossa Nova.

Here's a song called L.O.V.E, from the album:

And another song, Sometimes When We Touch:

It's from the album, "Fall In Love With Olivia".

I like her soothing vocals.

And despite the fact that I almost ALWAYS download songs for free, I've decided to go out and get her albums soon.

That's because I can't find most of her songs online. Haha.


Anyway, I feel kinda embarassed to say this but I'm actually a little addicted to Blogthings these days. Am I too old?

I just did another girly quiz! Haha.

You are Slinky Heels!

You're an uptown, well put together woman

But you're not too uptight to enjoy a hot club

You're always the best dressed chick in the room

And you'll only settle for the best in men

You Are 40% Open Minded

You aren't exactly open minded, but you have been known to occasionally change your mind.

You're tolerant enough to get along with others who are very different...

But you may be quietly judgmental of things or people you think are wrong.

You take your own values pretty seriously, and it would take a lot to change them.

How Open Minded Are You?

I find this quite true. I'm never openly judgemental, unless to a close friend.

Also, I do take my values very seriously. It would take a lot for somebody to change my mind on my perspectives.

In a way, I'm very traditional when it comes to certain things such as I don't support pre-marital sex.

Although nowadays, most people have sex before they get married or even at a young age. Some engage in casual sex with multiple partners or an FB ("fling buddy"). These are the ones who don't really place importance on keeping their virginity, as once you've lost it, it's gone.

However, I do because I care about my future husband's feelings and wish to respect him.

I may also be open-minded when it comes to other issues, for example, I am comfortable with gay/lesbian relationships and I do believe that there is a little bi-sexuality in everyone.

Your Heart Is Blue

Love is a doing word for you. You know it's love when you treat each other well.

You primary concern is to make your lover happy.

You are a giving lover, but you don't give too much. You expect something in return.

Your flirting style: Friendly

Your ideal first date: Lunch at an outdoor cafe

Your ideal lover: Is both generous and selfish

What you bring to relationships: Loyalty

Your EQ is 127

You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

On an average day, you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well.

Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well.

You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and level headed.

You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better.

What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

Yes, the last bit is kinda true.

I'm kinda optimistic, never staying unhappy for long no matter how bad the situation is.

I wonder if that's counted as a blessing?

Dy's Birthday.
Saturday, March 22, 2008 @ 3:43 AM

To friends who expressed concern for me: Thank you, and I feel much better now.

Anyway, today was my Bro's birthday!

He's turning 14 this year.

Went with Henry to get a present for him. It was good of him to accompany me, though it was only to spend 2 hours with me. Really appreciate his help in giving honest advice and opinions on choosing clothes for guys!

And we went to various shops in Far East. Though it was only a few shops we stepped into, Far East is build like a maze and there are many different kinds of shops anywhere. Geez.

Shopping there is like shopping in a HUGE indoor night market.

You never know what to expect. In a way, when you're casually browsing it's kinda fun, but when you NEED to get something, it just gives you a headache.

For example, a Mens' fashion store could be next to a fruits store which is next to a hair salon. Like wth.

I wish they would classify things into different sections/floors, like Ladies' Fashion, Men's Fashion etc.

After going to 3 shops, I had a slight headache already and I think Henry was actually tired. Haha.

Anyway, he modelled shirts for me and I just gauged them based on my Bro's size.

My bro is turning fat! Haha. -touches wood-

I might get fat in future if I laugh at him.

Anyway, being the kind Da Jie that I am, I actually persevered on despite my headache to choose the best tshirt for him!

He likes Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Dreamtheatre etc.

So I went to a shop selling rock band shirts and I got him an awesome Led Zeppelin one!

Applaud me for being such a cool sister.
Hey, at least I didn't buy him something like a notebook or a pencil-holder okay.

Isn't it nice? Henry chose this!

I vowed to get him the best shirt ever.

Actually, I wanted to buy him a pair of Havaianas too but decided that I might go broke if I did.

So I just went to buy shabu shabu meat and go home for steamboat.

And Henry was so sweet to accompany me for all! Thank you.

Sidetrack: I now discover the joys of an iPod video. Henry's new iPod classic is like, so beautiful! Makes me feel like getting one too.

He let me watch Love Bites on his iPod today and it's just so funny and actually made me laugh even though the screen is like 1/20 the size of my TV screen.

And my TV screen is quite small!

This just proves that you can watch good videos on an iPod too.
Sorry, but I was kinda biased against small screens since I have a small enough TV screen.

I mean, imagine the boring train rides where I have nothing to look at except gaze at the reflection of my clothes and accessories.


-smiles gleefully-

And I'll soon be in joy watching clips on the train/bus even though I may look like an idiot laughing at the funny bits!

I don't mind lah.

Can't believe my iPod is actually like a necessity to me now, I must constantly have music on my train rides otherwise I'll feel so odd.

How can I be so reliant on a pure ELECTRONIC GADGET?

Ahhh all this talk just makes me feel like getting a Classic.


* * * * * *

And this is the cake my Mom bought for him.

Lighted up.

I love chocolate cakes!

Dark chocolate, white chocolate, anything chocolate! Mmmmm.

I think I actually influenced my ex to like chocolate, due to me keep saying that I want to buy chocolate! And he actually bought me a bar of Marks and Spencer white chocolate the other time. While watching me eating it, he was curious and said he wanted to try.

And I said, "Here, have some! It's really good."
He tasted it slowly and carefully. "Okay what. That nice meh?" he said.
I exclaimed very matter-of-factly, "YES. Of course!"

From that day on, he just gradually grew to like white chocolate!
Though he used to hate all kinds of chocs. He even suggested going for a chocolate buffet.

I love it when I influence people with good stuff.

And, I like strawberries too! They look so juicy, fresh and edible even right now.

Give me anything with strawberries and I'll eat it up in front of you, lick my fingers and GRIN at you for not eating it!


Okay, thats it. A short entry but I just wanted to conclude this day.

PS: Go watch Lovebites! (Search Youtube) It's just so real and funny! I mean relationships aren't actually perfect, and stuff like these happen in real life too. The way they portray stuff is so adorable.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 @ 8:54 PM

Today was the worst day I have experienced in a few months.

Everything is just going...

Sucks to say this,

I feel like such a shit-ass loser.

@ 1:17 AM

It's 1am and I'm still doing my Econs project now. I'm supposed to draw a 'spa' scene.

I always hate doing projects!

I only love the interaction part, like going to your classmates' homes to discuss about stuff and planning, although we usually do other things than that.

Somehow I just like going to a friend's house.
Do not ask me why.

Since I was young, I always loved going to people's homes and looking around. I know I may sound damn nosy here, but its true! And its so interesting going to your friend's house to look at her belongings and memories, then you think, "Oh... So this is the kind of person she is!"

Not that I really infer a person's personality from his room, but.

You can really tell a lot from a person by their room!

For example, Henry's room is always damn messy.

There are just many things lying everywhere.
His bed forever looks like someone just slept on it, he throws his jeans on the bed or just hangs them on hooks, and his table is always cluttered with random stuff.

I don't know if most guys rooms are like that, but I guess maybe. Like my brother's room is forever dark and has a weird smell.

On the other hand, my room is ALWAYS neat.

I'm a perfectionist in some ways. I can't really stand a single thing not in order, it just messes up with my mood and day. Haha.

My room is always brightly-lit, with matching curtains drawn back, table with a minimum of 4 items on it and bed well made with no clothes on it. (unless I'm going out)

I have two dustbins in my room, one for paper and the other is a smaller bin to throw away the used cotton pads which I put my toner on.

And I have a weakness for white and dusty pink bedsheets.

Random clean facts about me:

1. I love vacuuming, and I hate sweeping. Pass me a vacuum cleaner anytime, and I will make a trip around your house for free!

2. I like the just-bathed soapy scent which lingers on someone after a shower.

3. I dislike potpourri. It has absolutely no use, because the smell goes away after sometime and it attracts dust mites which attack my sensitive nose.

4. I prefer a bath than a shower. I just like to sit down in a tub and bathe. I think I'm lazy.

5. I do a major spring-clean of my room (sort out the junk and trash) 4 times a year.


Okay, thats it! It's really late now and I still have to rush through the dreaded pictures.

Oh wells.

Sometimes I just want to be small again
Sunday, March 16, 2008 @ 8:07 PM

Oh, how I wish the days were peaceful when we were like little girls again.

Sometimes, girls are all you need in your life.

Little school work + colouring assignments

Rushing out for recess after the bell rings

Playing Tag with your friends in the courtyard

Scoring 90 + marks for your exams

Coming home to watch Little Bear on TV

Dancing along to Hi-5

Calling your bestfriend and chatting for 3 hours on the phone about NOTHING

Having the right to watch Teletubbies although they are gay/incarnate of the devil/whatever

No relationships = No guy issues.
Men are truly from Mars.

I mean, seriously.

When you really have to do some charity.
@ 4:44 PM

Have you ever encountered these kinda situations before?

Last week, I was running late to meet a friend and wanted to buy tissue.

I ran from my home to Toa Payoh Central and saw a woman sitting at a small table which was laden with newspapers and magazines. I also noticed a small basket containing packets of tissue displayed in front of the newspapers.

Phew, I thought. Finally 1 tissue seller right in front of me!

So I reached for my purse and walked towards the newspaper stand. I fumbled around my coin compartment, desperately trying to find a 2o cent coin quickly.

The woman looked at me in such a grateful way like I was her first customer that day.

She got ready to pick up a newspaper to pass to me.

"1 tissue please," I said instead.
"Oh..." she laughed, and handed me the tissue packet instead.

She actually thought I was going to buy a newspaper or magazine.
Instead of earning 80 cents, she only earned 20 cents.

Counting off the cost price, of course she wouldn't earn much.

I felt kinda bad and wanted to buy a newspaper as well but of course I did not, because it would be inconvenient to carry the newspaper to meet my friend.

"Thank you," I said and paid her.

Then I walked away as I was in a hurry.

Just as I walked off, a frail voice cried out to me.

"Girl, buy tissue from me please?" An older Indian woman asked meekly. I looked at her.

She was kneeling down on the cold concrete floor with nothing in front of her but a few measly packets of tissue paper. There was no chair for her to sit on. She wasn't even kneeling down on a mat.

Then, I looked closer. I noticed that BOTH of her legs had been amputated.

'Oh shit,' I thought.

You know this feeling you get? You could have helped someone in greater need but you chose to buy from someone else.

Just when I finished buying the tissue packet from the newspaper stand, I came across this very disabled old woman who looked so miserable and lonely.

You feel damn bad, when you walk past the disabled woman who obviously needs more help than the newspaper vendor.

And obviously, you can't just walk past her holding a tissue packet in your hand which you JUST bought from the newspaper vendor behind her.


So, I did something.

I went up to the disabled woman and bought another packet from her.

"Kam siah," she said and thanked me profusely.
"Bu yong jing, bu yong," was all I could say.

I felt so bad. Buy 1 packet of tissue and still have to thank me so much.

It's the least I could do, you know.

So in the end, I walked away with 2 packets of tissue which actually I don't need cos I don't use tissue that often.

Geez. Maybe it'll start off a tissue habit of mine.

So I don't need to ask for tissues from my friends anymore.

@ 4:19 PM


You read me wrongly.
You flip me over like the pages of a book, you are lost and entranced in.

You don't understand yet you still read.
The only purpose is to
force yourself to understand,

You flip and flip for eternity, trying to get to the point.

The perfect words you want to see.
The perfect illustration

But you just never find the point
Because it isn't there in the first place.

Oh, don't we live in a rose-tinted world?

Of guys and MSN.
Saturday, March 15, 2008 @ 11:33 PM

Can't stand this guy who keeps asking me out via MSN and SMS, even though I am dead sick and just lost my voice.

Damn friggin annoying and irritating.

I even put on my msn nickname: "sick :( - I lost my voice!" and the first thing when I come online, he asks:

"Hey! Wanna go out tomorrow?"

Like, WTH.

I am sick.

And he did not even ask me, "How are you?" first.

I can't tolerate people like him who don't give a damn about somebody when she's sick, and just wanna ask her out for company.

Which I suppose, he badly needs and is in lack of.


He seems like the sort who has no friends, save for a few who disappear on rainy days - and spend most of his free time online asking girls out.

1 word: No

The "Hee" sounds extremely gay. It sounds like a blurted out giggle.
Now, most guys don't giggle. Girls do giggle, and thats when they are sharing girly jokes or just being plain bimbotic.

And a guy definitely don't impress a girl by giggling.
He probably thinks he lives in Lalaland.

And why is there a 1 attached to the "Hee"? Does he even check his SMS before he sends them out?

I am a stickler to basic grammer rules when I send out SMSes or type in MSN. I always start names with a capital letter, and never put numbers when they're not supposed to be there.

Now he sounds like a loser who spends his time trying his luck out on MSN, and can't even type a proper SMS with basic grammer.

He will never get a girlfriend (if that's his main goal to achieve, er) at this rate.

Perhaps, one day, he might meet a nice and sweet girl who couldn't give a care about his playboy-ish ways and broken grammer. And she will be so nice that she will shower him with love and affection.

Then one day, she finds out his philandering ways by logging into his MSN. A random girl's offline message comes up:

"Stop irritating me and asking me out."

And Kaboom! All the evil secrets come out. She finds out that she was only an unfortunate victim of his flirtatious exploits.

Upset and broken-hearted, she does the classic and SMSes him, "Let's break up."

He tries to explain and sadly fails, through his broken grammer.

So, he will probably be the one who gets ditched.

And then the whole cycle goes on again.

This guy does not get the hint that I am not interested, even though I have mentioned over and over to him again.

Dislike guys like these.


Anyway, listen to Corrine May's soundtrack from the Leap Years!

Lovely Corrine May.

It's surprisingly good and soothing on a rainy day.
Especially when I have flu and sorethroat.

Makes me wanna sit down with a cup of hot milo and a good book in a slouchy beanbag.
And just lie down, and contemplate about life's possibilites.

I'd love that.

Teach me how to sing to the world.
@ 3:56 PM

I just lost my voice.

Thursday, March 13, 2008 @ 9:15 PM

On a side note, I just don't feel good talking to _ _ _. I don't know why.

Just don't feel good.

Being sick kinda sucks.
@ 9:10 PM

I felt so sick today that I just wanted to sit down or go home.

Never felt that way before. I had a bad sorethroat and I was breathing out hot air.

Seriously sucks.

My foot also had a cut by my new shoes and those shoes just keep digging in and creating more blisters.

Walking a few steps was crazy.

I hope it goes away by tomorrow. Pretty please.

Argh. Save me from techno hell!
@ 3:14 AM

Shit. Mozilla is screwed, Quicktime is screwed - and I do not know why I have freakin' Quicktime as my "automatic source of display pictures".


Sometimes, I wish computers would make it easier for humans to understand their language.

Meer, feminine and girly humans like me who know almost zilch about technology.

What is the difference between Bluetooth and a Blackberry?
(Shame on me, my mom knows that.)

The only things I know about are how to operate a blog, livejournal, chat on MSN messenger, search for anything I want on Google and the works.

But throw some technology-infused words at me and I blank out like a ostrich soon going to be roadkill.

By the way, slightly off-topic but today I actually made the effort to pop into the iShop to get Henry an iPod screen protector!

I was there, and I must say - iShop staff @ Wheelock seem to live in their own world.

There I was, a lonely girl by myself browsing at the screen protectors section for 15 whole minutes and nobody even bothered to come and say Hi. It wasn't as though the shop was busy or something. There wasn't ANYBODY there, save for me and a middle aged man and all the staff did was to chat among themselves.

Service doesn't seem particularly good there.

I had to go up to this slightly bald staff-guy (somehow I think bald people just come across more approachable, dont ask me why) and ask him for some help.

And, he SLOUCHED over like some half-eaten mammoth.

"Hello," he slurred. "What you want?" (What you want? What a way to greet customers, hmm)
"Erm," I replied. "Can you recommend me some screen protectors for iPod classic?"

And, with these 5 words of 'service', he pointed a finger towards the particularly section and slumped off.


Seriously, can't stand staff with no service attitude.

Wanna be in the service industry, at least you must learn to put with all sorts of things right. There's a need to be courteous and inviting even when you just slogged your ass off for the whole day. What for give a half-hearted, "I'm so dead and I wish I really was" look as an excuse?

And besides, I was at the screen protectors section already. I asked for recommendations of iPod Classic screen protectors. FYI, you just showed me to the exact spot that I was standing at.

Okay, whatever.

Gentle reminder to self: Do not work in the service industry in the future. Or at least, try not to!

Hmmm, anyway on to lighter stuff. You might realise that I sound really kinda cranky here but thats cos I really am.

Mozilla is spoilt so I'm typing on the uber-slow-to-load IE, and I can't view any pictures on my computer cos my Quicktime is spoilt.

I have a new pimple on my cheek and chin. I reckon, the cheek is the worst place to grow a pimple! It somehow makes it look more unsightly than other parts. I wonder why.

I'm also really hungry. Okay, thats it. Time for maggie mee cooking!

I am going off now! See ya soon!

By the way, to whoever reads my blog, you are either bored or seriously patient for keep coming back because. I don't update often nowadays. :) Thanks to whoever reads, you are much loved!

Monday, March 10, 2008 @ 12:28 AM

She wanted to be a blade of grass amid the fields
But he wouldn't agree to be the dandelion

She wanted to be a robin singing through the leaves
But he refused to be her tree

She spun herself into a web
And looking for a place to rest, turned to him
But he stood straight declining to be her corner

She tried to be a book
but he wouldn't read

She turned herself into a bulb
but he wouldn't let her grow

She decided to become a woman
And though he still refused to be a man
She decided it was all right.

Friday, March 07, 2008 @ 10:36 PM

Hate you.

Get away from me.

Bird in a cage.
Thursday, March 06, 2008 @ 2:42 AM


Sorry, I wish I wasn't.

But I am. I keep thinking of possibilities.

Wish I wouldn't keep you like a bird in a cage. Am I?

I'm just insecure deep inside, really.

Why did you have to do that?
Why, to me.

Omg. I felt so sad and pissed but I just kept quiet, like crazy.
Like, wth. I just wanted you to have your freedom.


I can't believe I am actually going to collect it tomorrow.

I don't even feel like doing it now. Why am I doing this, I wonder?
Seriously. Is it even worth my effort.

I wish he would call me all of a sudden tomorrow and tell me that he ruined it.
That would have been good.

Like a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect episode.

I really wish the world was square instead of round. Things would go a whole lot better.


In reality, all I need is a warm cup of reassurance.

And only one person can give me that, right now.


You have no idea.

Today was the Leap Day.
Saturday, March 01, 2008 @ 2:28 AM

Today is 29th February. (actually, it already past)

I miss YOU.

I miss YOU.

I miss YOU.

I miss YOU.

I miss YOU.


Argh. I seriously need to get my bum off this chair and go to sleep.

I've been chatting the whole night with random people online. TGIF!
We have been chatting aimlessly about anything under the moon/sky/stars.

It's quite fun to chat randomly with someone sometimes. Especially, someone whom you don't know well enough. It's always interesting to find out a fact or two about an acquaintance.


What do I define as an acquaintance?

To me, an acquaintance is someone whom I know, just not well enough to be a friend. Let's see. An acquaintance is someone whom you say hi and bye to, someone whom you meet in the canteen sometimes in the drink queue, make some small chat, buy your drink and get off.

An acquaintance is not someone whom you'll find easy to share your secrets with. And acquaintance is not someone whom you'll spend the whole evening chatting about random life stuff.

An acquaintance is just plainly, someone whom you know and recognise.

I have many acquaintances, some friends, and very few close friends.

My circle of close friends is very tight-knitted and small. These are the significant few whom I can share secrets and my thoughts with, and not bother that I'll look bad in front of them, ever.

I feel comfortable with them, and don't see the need to break out of this circle sometimes.

Perhaps I'm just someone who is comfortable with familiarity.
I don't like change.

It takes me a longer time to get used to something new - be it a change in lifestyle or environment.

I guess that's bad.

But it also means that I am someone who will stay loyal to a close friend and fight for his/her cause, no matter what.

I'm just like that.

I like the feeling of having a small, close-knitted group of friends who know you inside out.


I'm also a very random person.

I'm romantic. I love doing things to make my loved ones happy.

I'm full of joy and warmth.

I'm ditzy sometimes.

I'm vain.

I'm very creative and imaginative.

I'm self-concious, especially towards how others think of me.

I'm sensitive.

I'm loyal.

Also stubborn.

I'm a sentimental freak. Do something sweet for me, and I will remember it for a long time.

I love British humour.

I'm quite feminine.

I'm passionate.

Though I may be talkative sometimes, I get along well with people who are on the quieter side.

I'm a deep thinker. I ponder a lot.

 photo blah_zpslyri7kbd.jpg
Hello, I am Jia Xin.
psalm 27:4

my favourite things!
satisfying FOOD, cooking & baking, romantic and funny movies, shopping, going to the beach, Lisa Ono, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Aretha Franklin, all that jazz, Bossanova! And just hanging out with the people I love makes me happy :)

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