there's no real
love in you
About late afternoon laziness.
Friday, December 26, 2008 @ 3:59 PM


You know those kinda diseases that plague you every now and then, like late afternoon laziness?

I have it now and it truly sucks. It always comes when I wake up late in the afternoon about 1pm and plonk myself down in front of the computer and start to dally around blogs, MSN etc.

I've listened to Beyonce's If I Were A Boy about 6 times consecutively already.

Yes, shoot me.

And after a while, I find out with mild horror that I DO have somewhere to go, something to do. But I just can't move. It's like I'm temporarily glued to my chair.

I keep reminding myself that I have somewhere to go, you know. And I don't wanna be late. But yet I'm still stuck here, because I'm tooooo lazy.

Yeah, I know. I know what you think of me.

Har har har.

Now I just need to get my butt off and go to Far East!

Argh. I hate late afternoon laziness. I can't believed I can't be psyched to go for a pedicure even. This is madness.

The world has come to an end.

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Hello, I am Jia Xin.
psalm 27:4

my favourite things!
satisfying FOOD, cooking & baking, romantic and funny movies, shopping, going to the beach, Lisa Ono, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Aretha Franklin, all that jazz, Bossanova! And just hanging out with the people I love makes me happy :)

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