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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 @ 12:45 AM


I seem to have lost my zest for shopping. Amazing,. I didn't quite look forward to shopping for Chinese New Year stuff this year.

But oh wells. Like they say, shopping is an addiction.

Well, it is to me.

Once I start, whether I like it or not, I have to make it to the end. Else I'll feel unaccomplished or something. :( Yeah, don't laff at me.

I almost died shopping at Bugis Street today. What with the heavy crowd, people pushing and groping around plus smokers... It really caused some air pollution.

SO anyway, this is what I got so far.

Red and white striped top from Myth @ Far East - $35

Red tube from bYSI @ Far East - $33

I actually got a blue frilly kinda thing but I decided that it was too big for me when I got home. So I had to exchange it. And this is what I got.

My mom actually likes it.

Green top from bYSI @ Far East -$29

Pink pumps from Far East - $39

Denim and white leather wedges from Charles and Keith - $35

Red stiletto pumps from Mondo - $19.90.

It was super cheap. What a steal.

Well, I guess I kinda beat Pearlie :p She got hers last month at $25.

Same red corset kinda top. I like the golden zip, but actually I found out that it was just some decoration. Heh :)

Golden buckle in the front

And finally, you saw it again. Well I thought this top was a little ethereal looking.

Okay, just kidding lah.

I guess I had to get something sweet again.

Goodnight :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007 @ 1:41 AM


Samantha Tan. If you're reading this.


Why did you have to go to Australia? :( Have you cried yet?

Haha. I haven't even cried yet. Ahhhh but I miss you so much.

I was thinking about the scene at the airport. I wanted to hug you but it was awkward cos everyone was there and nobody was doing it as well. Heh. In the end Jasmine HL and I just left.

I never even realised that I missed you so much until today, like right now. And I tried to reply your mail but my Hotmail server is down. Argh. How are you doing now? Must wear more warm clothes okay.

Haha. I don't even know how's the weather like in Aussie now. Shall check the weather forecast tomorrow.

And I hope you're hugging the pillow that we sewed for you. HUG IT when you miss us alright.

Don't hug too hard though.

I still have the doggy-bone shaped pillow that you gave me in Sec 2. The stuffing almost came out but I sewed it back again. Really miss you sammo. I just read all the cards and letters that you wrote me.

Come back soon. Come back in June (: Or even earlier for my birthday please.

Then you can celebrate Jasmine's and mine together. Yeah. We'll treat you to mudpie at NYDC again. Do you miss the food in Singapore?

Maybe we could pack some for you in a box and mail in to wherever you are now. Heh.

Sigh. Never realised that I could miss a FRIEND so much.

A good friend :)

Even though we have many differences and misunderstandings at times, I wanna let you know that I still really treat you as one of my closest friends okay. You've been through thick and thin with me... And even comforted me with toilet paper when I was crying in school. Heh. I'll always remember that. I miss you.

Take care Sam. Love you.


Thursday, January 18, 2007 @ 10:54 PM


Public displays of affection.

It's that awful thing that couples do in trains and buses, and well almost in all public places.

Oh man. Please keep your hands off each other and on yourselves. I mean, firstly have you noticed that you're not the only ones in the cabin? And also, I'm not trying to be, well, an auntie but they are KIDS around sometimes.

Like innocent lil uns'.

And their minds get contaminated with all that stuff that you do.

Take for example, today I was on the train early in the morning and trying to catch a few winks and all. And there was this couple in front of me, consisting of a 20-plus looking lady and her boyfriend who were totally, like. GROPING.

I mean, firstly. Argh.

Not a very nice sight.

Said guy was leaning against a pole and sorta had his arms around the girl and they were both happily whispering sweet nothings/fondling and all. Oh wells. To make it worse, this old lady was looking for something to hold on to but the guy had his whole body propped against the entire bar.

Oh wells. I mean, can't you give the old lady some space?

And so I stood up to let her have my seat.


She immediately rushed over and plopped herself down on the empty seat.

I was like, geez. I gave my seat to the old lady who was right in front of you and you just sat on it like she wasn't even there?

Then the girl called loudly, "Eh, faster! Here got seat." and sorta motioned for her boyfriend to come over. But then her wouldn't budge cos he knew that the old lady was waiting for that seat.

The girl called again, "Eh, come lah.". And she started hitting the seat LOUDLY (whoa) to get his attention. Other people were staring at her instead.

Poor guy.

He just stared at the floor. And she called him again.

"Huh?" he asked nonchalently.
"Come here."

And then he sorta shuffled over.

"You cannot hear meh?" she asked, and he just remained quiet. She pushed him towards the empty seat.

"You sit lah." he said.
"No, you sit." she insisted.

So he sat and pulled her down onto his lap. And she was giggling. Shivers. Then they started groping again and MADE OUT.

Shivers. In public somemore leh.

Everyone was like, errr... This man moved away from them, perhaps to give them ample space. I think the guy was struggling under her weight.

Oh wells. Singapore's sob stories.

They're all in their little dreamlands, oblivious to passerbys.


Monday, January 08, 2007 @ 12:22 AM

Went shopping with TB last saturday for my new year clothes.

AND his new year clothes.

Here's what we came back with.


Oh wells. Still, I didn't know guys could shop. I give him credit for that :)

So we dragged our lazy feet around Marina Square. Nice shops and all, but there were too many choices and we kinda got tired after a while. So we sat. And rested.

And sat. And rested.

Nice free space at McCafe. He brought his laptop so we watched Step Up. Haha. There were many people looking too. It was kinda interesting. Liked the dance moves.

And then we started browsing around for our stuff again. This time, I tried on a black dress at Bebe and it was quite flattering. He commented that it was nice too.

Except the price tag was beautiful too.


Halfway shopping, we got bored and decided to catch a movie.

So we watched a horror movie. I got so freaked out and kept covering my eyes and singing throughout. (Jas, you've had that experience with me before) And then he started laughing at me.

I must have been a sight.

Halfway through there was this malay girl and her group who were talking really loudly. And then suddenly the malay girl screamed "CB**!" and I was kinda shocked. The whole of her group started laughing really loudly.

You know, I was thankful she did that that day.

I don't know why he has completely NO REACTION towards the show. Like, no scream/shout? He didn't even move the slightest bit.

So he lent me his ipod and I just plugged in towards the end.

Okay. I know.

I'm chicken. -sheepish grin-

The show was okay though.

After that we went to Levis to shop for his jeans, but you know what, it was so boring I wanted to die. Why are guys' clothes all the same? Except they're in different colours. No wonder they need so little time to make up their minds.

And then we went to Zara to look for his polo shirt but they were all kinda old. He spotted a nice shirt and wanted to buy it but there was no medium size left.


I seem to have lost my passion for shopping. Seems like he was dragging me around the other day.

I have decided where to get good and cheap clothes :D

Heh heh. My favourite haunt.

It's stuffy, crowded but you'll rummage oh so lovely finds.

Anyway, that was the best and most fun day I've had in ages, considering that we've not seen each other for 3 months. Since prelims. Because I wanted to focus.

He's doing his flight course now (all that plane turbulence, weather elements and stuff) so I think there'll be a longer period of time that we will not meet or talk since he's totally cooped up with training everyday. Heh :)

I'm used to it anyway. Time to catch up with my friends.

I was just wondering, and so I asked him, "Are you going to join the SAF or SIA in the future?"

And he replied, "SAF then SIA."

Hmmm. Hearing that made me feel so glad that I'm not a guy. No army! No vigorous training. Woah. I wonder how long he would have to train to get past SAF and then enter SIA.

6 years, darling?


Time to catch a few winks :)

PS: I MISS YOU WANYIN. Saw 3! Saw 3! Remember our date.

Thursday, January 04, 2007 @ 11:50 PM

Okay. I'm done.

Finally added the last touches to my blog.


Just kidding.

Anyway, I wanted a nice pristine white setting but you know, delusion gets into someone's head occasionally.

While surfing (nice website) for skin #2396, I got stoned and decided to give up.

So here it is.

Don't ask me why. I was stoned.

I thought it looked pretty nice, however when my vision was blurred.

* The stat counter is up again and raring to go!And here is the story of ze statcounter (for I thought it might be interesting) : The statcounter was always here except that I made it invisible. Firstly because I thought nobody ever reads this blog, but you know, since when is blogger ever elusive?

So I wanted something to track down my page loads. But as time passed, I forgot about it. One day, as I was looking through my template edit page I suddenly noticed the stat counter html and decided to put it on again.

I call it Billy. Billy the Statcounter. Has a nice ring to it :)

Anyway, Updates:


Went with Sam, Jas and HL to Sentosa and had lots of fun there! I tried the Luge for the first time and it was really good. Except HL and I went slow because we were too afraid to let go. Haha. So Jasmine and Sam drove off first while we carried on with our slow "I'm a female-driver so please make way for me" persona and I could see some guys speeded off and cutting lanes like hell hath no fury.

And then there were 2 guys who were competing with each other and kept cutting lanes like crazy. I was like woah slow down, I'm going to get hit! But they were totally oblivious to us.


Anyway, Jasmine commented that the guy called us, "Make way for the mei-nus!" (chinese slang: pretty girls) and I started laughing like crazy. Because, I mean. It's kinda beng.


And then we sat the sky lift up and it was so fun! Because everything else were like ants and all we could see were tree leaves far beneath us. I loved it man.

Sigh. Love spending time with you guys :)

I just realised that my favourite activity now is cycling on Siloso beach in Sentosa.


Then after that we went to the beach and I drew "Happy Birthday Sam... Goodbye" on the sand while Jas and I hid Sam's birthday presents behind the rocks. I decided to bury one in the sand and drape some seaweed on it for some real beached-up effect. Lol.

Turned out more slimy. There were some chinese couples there too taking pictures on the rocks and they kept stepping on our words so we had to redraw it again.

When Sam opened her gifts, she was smiling and I felt that the effort was all worth it. Perspiring while writing on the sand and all, getting bitten by stupid bugs at night...

The setting was really emotional and I felt like crying. But I tried to control my tears and I bet nobody knew! Because maybe if they saw me crying, I bet they would be shocked.

I'm actually a really emotional person inside. Heh.

And after that we went to eat dinner at a foodcourt, what an anti-climax. Haha. Then the four of us headed to the Padang and watched fireworks! We tried crossing over to the Esplanade but there were too many people shoving and pushing their way around, it was scary. :(

There were Indians spraying foam too. Some of them couldn't aim it properly, and got it all over themselves. Sigh.


The first and last time we'll be watching it together. Sam filmed it all down. I'm glad she bought the camera in time :) So that she would have wonderful memories of our times spent together. Then the four of us just sat on the grass and talked and reflected on random stuff.

I love my friends.

Going shopping with TB this sunday. Ooh. Can't wait! I wonder how he'll react going shopping with me for the first time. Will he get impatient... Haha


Wednesday, January 03, 2007 @ 12:14 AM

I just got my new phone and it's a baby!

Here it is.

Guess what colour I got.

If you guessed pink, you probably know me too well.

Anyway, I was considering between the LG Chocolate and the Sony Ericsson Z610i. And then I decided to get the Sony Ericsson, because I was so attracted to its outer OLED display, which looks something like it has words displayed on its metal casing. So instead of an LCD screen, I get some nice floating words on my cover. It displays caller ID and stuff.

I fell in love with this at first sight.

It is positively cool.

BTW, I also heard from my friends and read reviews that the LG Chocolate is terribly user-un-friendly, too sensitive and always hangs. Oh wells. Substance over looks, right?

To Alicia: I think the Black Label LG Chocolate is better than its Red Label. Heh. I guess its because its red colour isn't my kinda fire engine red.

So I'm happy with my new phone and I'm over the moon. Thats cos I had my old lousy phone passed down from my mom for a long time. It's the Nokia 7250, by the way. But ah. People don't really realise how it is until I tell them that it's the first camera phone.

I do have an affinity with clamshell phones.

Yum. Just pass me a nice slick design.

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