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Friday, August 31, 2007 @ 2:19 AM


My mom and I made some pizza the other day.

We felt like eating something more than our usual dinner of rice, 3 dishes and a soup.

So we got some Italian herb bread, and spaghetti sauce and all the various ingredients ready.

It's really fun making a pizza.

You cut a thin slice of bread, spread some sauce on it (depends on how much you prefer) and then start piling on all your favourite ingredients!

For me, I really like eating hawaiian pizza. It's one of my favourite pizzas, because I like the taste of salty ham as well as the tangy and sweet pineapple.

Love it so much.

After piling all of your favourite things (chicken lovers can put loads of chunky chicken!) you sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on top. Then you pop the pizza into the oven and let it toast for about 20 minutes!

The end result should be something like this:

And after serving it on a dish,

What a quick and simple meal.

Although it sounds a little weird, we also made some tang yuan (chinese dough balls with sweet filling) to go with the pizza for dessert.

This is cos' I also love tang yuan, and can eat it with almost anything. Hee

Most tang yuans have clear soup made of boiling pandan leaves in water and spiced up with some ginger slices, but we decided to use soya bean milk.

Which, is also super, super nice. Soya milk with tang yuan is delicious.

We couldn't be bothered to roll the dough and put in the fillings (plus our stomachs were already rumbling) so we just got some store-bought tang yuan. We defrosted it and then cooked it with soya milk.

The end result is this:

The orange stuff is actually peanut filling which escaped when I lifted up a tang yuan and a hole popped. Whoops. Haha


Monday, August 27, 2007 @ 10:37 PM


I baked some cupcakes for Mom's birthday.


It was my first time baking cupcakes, and fortunately it did not turn out too bad. . .

I spent 2 days sourcing for the ingredients from various baking shops in Singapore. First, I went to Phoon Huat to get the basic necessities and then BIY (Bake-It-Yourself) to purchase the nozzles to pipe icing with.

Speaking about piping, it actually isn't as easy as it looks! It's not as soft and easy to control as the 7-11 Mr Softee ice cream machine, that you can get a perfect swirl in one cup. . I piped the icing, it didn't look good, then I took it off, whipped it up and repiped it again. Until it looked decent.

Actually, it doesn't taste as good. Haha.

I will try and improve my recipe next time.

Friday, August 24, 2007 @ 3:43 AM

OH mannn...
I just researched till 3:40am for a recipe on royal icing.
What temperature must the oven be, how long must it be pre-heated, what are the different types of icing to use and how to make fondant!

I read until I was nodding off and closing my eyes whenever I tried to open it. And then I pinched myself.
Sunday is the day.

Will tell you when the time is right.

Thursday, August 09, 2007 @ 4:05 PM

Young talents.

I was on Youtube the other day and I came across this video about Bianca Ryan. She was only 11 years old when she sang this song, and I think this is really comparable to Jennifer Holliday's version. I was totally shocked when I heard this. Her voice is amazing for an 11 year old.

"And I'm telling you I am not going" by Bianca Ryan
from the reality show America's Got Talent

I then came across another video by another child prodigy, Charice Pempengco from the Phillipines. She is only 1 year older than Bianca, but is not as noticed and does not receive as much publicity. Bianca even has her own wikipage, look.

Now back to Charice.

"I will always love you" by Charice Pempengco
from the reality contest Little Big Star

I'm sorry for the bad video quality, I tried to search for the best version of this clip, but could only find this.

I think both children are really special and talented. I've seen many comments and videos comparing them both, but I can't really make a judgement here cos' I believe that they are both wonderful.

Man. I really love them. Haha.
I love songs with big voices, as you can tell, many of my favourite songs have divas belting out with their loud powerful drama-mama lungs.

They make me feel empowered! Hehe

Let's hope they make it big someday.

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satisfying FOOD, cooking & baking, romantic and funny movies, shopping, going to the beach, Lisa Ono, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Aretha Franklin, all that jazz, Bossanova! And just hanging out with the people I love makes me happy :)

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