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Thursday, October 09, 2008 @ 6:44 PM

I really love talking to my bestfriend on the phone lah.

It makes me feel sooooo warm and fuzzy and comfortable.

It's like, no awkward moments, I've NEVER feel uncomfortable ONCE talking to her... Except when we weren't that close yet maybe. That was years ago in Secondary 1 however. Haha. But now, no!

I love being able to talk to her about anything and surprisingly she can relate to most of them.

It's really wonderful how two quite different people with different focus points in life can actually have so much in common when it comes to perceptions of people and how we face challenges in our life.

And I'm so proud of that.

I'm so proud of having you as my bestfriend, seriously. Awwww mushy message.

Although I never really reply your messages at times and even on my blog, you're the ONLY one who tags (and I still don't reply), I'll have you know that you are always on my mind almost everyday!

Seriously. And although we don't really take pictures together often. Why ah.

(Actually, I found out that I don't really take pictures together with my close friends or family too. This is bad. I should do it one day before... anything happens.)

And actually I remember the last time we both actually took more (I won't say many) pictures together was during our band days in secondary school. Every big event, sure walk around the bandroom and take with the juniors, Mr Yap, etc.

Not that I actually really enjoyed it.

I mean, not the people. I do think I just am innately camera-shy even though I won't admit it.

Or maybe we just both really hate cameras hahaha

Anyway, I don't know why I'm close to you but I don't even call you by any nicknames too! Never Jas, or Ngu Ngu (it's kinda weird actually, you know I'm not those 'act cute' type) ... Yeah. Just Jasmine.

Sometimes, I actually still reminisce back at the old Secondary 2 days when we used to hang out at MacDonald's almost every. Single. Day.

And just buy those really cheap student meals (you always bought chicken, and I always bought fish.) and gossip and complain about school-work.

Not that we had that much work-load, actually.

I think we were too free or something. Thats true, Sec 2 life was slow, it rolled past like a lawn-mower which refuses to budge unless it cuts every inch of grass it is on. Then again, Sec 2 life was almost spent in a half slumber, half "Is-this-even-streaming-year?" state.

I remember when I was bored in class and seriously tired of Miss Seah (I actually hated her so much cos she always made me mop the floor after Home Econs), I would nudge you and tell you the number of varicose veins on her feet which popped out.

Yeah, I was that bored. And I really didn't like Miss Seah.

Especially after the incident when she punished our whole class right after OBS, I immediately had this bad premonition about her.

Not that she liked me very much too I guess. I was the most inefficient Home Econs Rep.

I was kinda excited when she left school. I think everybody secretly was.

Anyway, then I remember in band, you were always the better one and I was trying SO HARD to get my scales right. And one day in Secondary Two, you actually asked me to go over to your house to teach me how to play the clarinet. And you were the 'teacher', I was the 'student'.

Haha. Thinking about it now, it's kinda funny. First time I ate spaghetti with Sin Sin tomato sauce. But I didn't get why you were so pissed with your maid also. Quite nice what.

And then at the end of Secondary Two, I suddenly improved and only my sound improved but my skills were still like crap. I seriously hated any technical aspect of music. I always tried to play every piece my way. I think I made a really bad music student.

But anyway, I always managed to get it all together before any performance.

And you were the one whose techniques were damn good. So you were made Clarinet SL and Quartermistress. And then I was made Woodwinds SL, which... up till today, still puzzles me. But anyway, I was really surprised, and grateful and thankful for that opportunity.

Even if it only lasted for a few months.

And then remember about my infuation with that SOMEONE?

Yes, I was so seriously infatuated with _ _ that I refused to look up everytime _ _ walked past. For fear that _ _ would stare right into my eyes and electrify me. Like wth right. Haha.

Now I think its just silly.


Anyway, up till today you are still my bestfriend. And I do hope we remain as good friends for a long time.

I will seriously help you analyze any guy who comes into your life (guys, you'd better treat her nicely and with all due respect!) and also help you analyze every big decision that you are going to make.

I seriously don't know what I will do without you. You are my major confidante and listener.

Thank you for being my bestfriend, Jasmine Ngu.

God bless you and all the best for your A levels!

You can surely do it. Don't aim low, you should seriously aim for 3 As since you got so high for prelims! Sometimes I think you need to have more confidence in yourself. (<--- Now it's my time to say this to you, next time you'd better say this to me!)


I love you Jasmine Ngu!

It's times like these...
Tuesday, October 07, 2008 @ 1:24 AM

One day before the H2 maths paper,

I suddenly really miss my best friend.

Haha. That's because we have one thing in common.

Saturday, October 04, 2008 @ 1:03 PM

Henry is really sick with dengue fever.

Really ill. He's been lying in bed for 2-3 days and cannot move about much.

I feel so sad and very sorry for him. Poor boy. It's like, he's frequently sick but this is just different. It's DENGUE.

I keep thinking about how he must be lying in bed and feeling so much pain and misery and boredom. I know how it feels. And it just kinda makes me feel soooooo bad.

I expressed my concern about it and told Dora who said actually most people say they have Dengue but actually they don't. I prayed for him to get better.

Then I went to check up on dengue and it said it is not very serious, Singapore has 3000-4000 cases each year. And most cases only require home treatment unless its the more severe type which is known as Dengue Hamaeerraghic Fever.

Hmmm. I just called his Mom and she said he has like, 8 days MC. Which means he really can't go for the Australia outfield which lasts 1 month. Wonder if he will have to downpes when he recovers.

Not that it matters to me, I do hope he will not go for the outfield anyway because it will be ONE MONTH long and if he falls sick again during the outfield I will worry a lot. And so will his Mom.

I wonder how it feels like to have two females worry over you. Does it feel good? Or does it feel annoying? Heh

Even if he comes back safe and sound with a kangaroo for me I will still feel very bad if I know that he suffered during outfield.

NS sucks. Since when did I start to worry so much?

Maybe it must have been because of my dream.

Seriously hope he will get better soon. By the way, the phone-call with his Mom went kinda weird because she and I started talking at the same time, and then we both kept quiet, waiting for the other to talk first. And then WE BOTH STARTED TALKING AT THE SAME TIME AGAIN.

It's like, you know when you're walking on a path and you bump into someone and then both of you move aside, but to the same way and then you both move AGAIN, but it's the same way so you block each other again?

It always happens to me.


And I kinda think slower when I talk in Chinese because I have to translate English words to Chinese in my brain and it is clear that I am a little deficit since I have not touched any Chinese language for 1 year.


Hope he recovers. Soon. HE MUST.

I still have a bento to make him.

PS: On another note, do check your flowerpots or bamboo pole holders or any empty pails for stagnant water lying around. I hate stagnant water and always pour it away whenever I see some.

@ 1:01 PM


That was terrible.




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