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Thursday, February 23, 2006 @ 3:05 PM

Just recently found out this thing that everyone's doing right now. A johari window!

How fantabulous :D

Do me!

52% of people think that jxx is giving
52% of people think that jxx is happy
52% of people agree that jxx is loving

I'm shy too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 @ 10:57 PM


Heh so I was talking to Kelly this morning and she was feeling upset. Poor sweetie. She had an argument with her best friend C (name protected) lately. They refuse to talk in school and she refuses to even let C see her along the corridors. Silly Kelly.

Reason for the argument: C forgot to call her yesterday.

If you ask me, I think it's the silliest reason one can think of for an argument. But with dear Kelly, anything's possible.

I tried to reason to her that maybe C was busy. Besides babe, it's only a day's difference. I sure wouldn't mind not talking to my best friend for a week, maybe I would miss her but I know that we're so strong that we'll still carry on.

And hence a tribute to my beautiful best friend:

You're one of the best friendships I've had. We try to give way to each other all the time. We don't argue often, but whenever we do argue, we'll always find a way to solve the problem.

Which is often less than a day and we get things all settled. Makes me feel happy!

Even though I may not reply you at times when you message me but I read your smses and I instantly feel happier cos I know I've been on your mind. It's only because we get to talk in school the next day. We see each other 6 days a week, to think about it. And even though sometimes we meet, we don't have much to talk about but I always feel comfortable around you.

We're such good friends that people often associate us together. 10 years that I've known you as a friend but in the last 4 years we became so much closer.

I really treasure our times together.

We may be in different classes and not as close as before, but we often make time for each other. Whether its simple outings to Island Creamery (where we always get treated by Uncle Stanley) or going to the movies, I enjoy every moment spent with you. And Sam.

All in all, you're just this person that I can connect with the most. And I feel that you're one of my friends who really understand me. You're someone that I can truly count on. You're the one I call and talk about my problems with ahem, and yeah, you always always never fail to listen to me patiently. For 2 hours we would talk and you'll say the right things to comfort me, it just makes me feel so much better. Then we'll start joking and crapping all over again, you bring a smile to my face.

Your specs are so cute.

Your hair is so cute.

Your smile is so cute!

We both are beautiful people (in and out) and we gotta make the best out of life. The best decisions and I trust that we will guide each other along the way. I have faith that your judgement is always right. And no matter what you do, I'll always be by your side.

To support you, to encourage you and to motivate you.

If you have any problems, try not to keep them in. I would love you to tell me about it so that I could help to think of a way to solve it for you. Just like how I tell you about my problems sometimes cos I trust that you will always be here for me.

I appreciate you and everything that you do for me!

Thank you Jasmine for another amazing year together. More to come, I hope.

Else we'll go different JCs/polys and call it quits. Heh, just kidding.

Anyway, (cos Sam doesn't want to get married) next time when the wedding bells finally ring for me, I'll definitely remember you. I'll ask you to be my bridesmaid! Set, okay? Sam too. And I won't make you both wear pink. You can wear green and she can wear black! Or blood red. Though I can't imagine.

Hanlin shall wear a short mini skirt. Or her guide's uniform.

But I'll definitely play the sentimental ABBA song. You and Sam can both snigger. Then after the dinner, we'll both get champagne roses and go out a mad photo-taking spree! And you shall bunk in together with me, because my girlfriends count more.

Can't wait.

I love you people so much! Last year in SCGS, we'll make the best of it. This year there'll be lots of camaraderie, tears and joy.

I'll support you guys along the way. On graduation night, we'll leave the school with tears of happiness. Sigh.

Shall pop in the old ABBA song and smile the night away at messages. My best friend says I'm sentimental. -shoots her an accusing look- Choy.



Thursday, February 16, 2006 @ 4:34 PM

An english crumpet!



Monday, February 13, 2006 @ 11:10 PM

Should I?

Should I not?

The girl gently tugs on each petal.

... Should I?

She plucks the petal off the rose, and watches it float delicately to the ground.

Will I be happier?

Should I wait?

Or should I end this?

Make up your mind, a voice tells her. Make up your mind and get it over with, free yourself.

How should I tell him?

You'll know, the voice says. Remember what I told you always.

Saturday, February 11, 2006 @ 1:59 AM

If I could, I would want to travel right now. I wish to go all around the world, if only someone would take me. There are just so many places that I haven't been before and that I'm dying to visit.

And if there's one place that I could visit all over again, it would be Australia. I want to go to Perth. It's such a lovely place. I love places with nature and all that stuff. It makes me feel relaxed and happy.

I think I might want to migrate to Australia when I'm older. I'm dreamt of that since I was young. I've always thought of staying in a farm with animals around me, and I would have an apple orchard in my backyard. And then I dreamt of baking cookies and apple pies in my own cosy kitchen. I would have a lovely fire place and when I wake up in the morning, birds would greet me outside my window.

Doesn't sound bad actually.

But of course it's just a dream.

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