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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 @ 3:55 PM

Shiz, I hate not leading by example.

I hate.

Henry's Mom's Birthday.
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 @ 12:41 AM

Remember the designer Chrysanthemums fabric I bought from Heather Bailey's Freshcut collection a while ago?

Well, here it is.

I made a pillow out of it for Henry's Mom's birthday, just last week.

Note the huge-ness of the cushion. I love big, fluffy pillows!

And actually, I've found out how easy it is to made cushions. You just need some beautiful fabric and accessories, and maybe about 1 or 2 days of your time.

It worked better with my sewing machine. Yes, I love sewing, yes siree!

Hand-made buttons.

These lovely fabric buttons were hand-made by me too, with coordinating fabric in similar hues to the pillow.

What I did was to follow Magda's brilliant tutorial which showed it to me as easy as A-B-C, for free.

However, the 1st and 2nd tries weren't really ideal, because the buttons could not be supported easily by just plain sewing, so I decided to use some fabric glue as well to keep it sturdy. I even sewed on a last-minute felt backing.

Let's hope it really stays, even through several pillow throws and washes. *crosses fingers*

Close-up of ze beautiful button.

I never really like green very much, but this shade reminds me of Granny Smith apples on a warm Saturday afternoon. Warm and fuzzy. Plus, the white polka dots complete it! Friggin' cute.

Since this was my favourite button of the lot, I decided to make it the centre and focus-point of the pillow.

I wanted to show you all some more photos (I should, this its my first official sewing project) but you know, the unfortunate always happens in the most untimely situations, and my camera shut down on me right after I took this picture!

Anyway, I am glad that I finally finished his Mom's pillow this week!

Update: Henry said it's beautiful and his Mom likes it a lot. They are going to put it in their new car.

Now on to my next project, which is The Boyfriend's own. I have delayed it for several weeks, and I think he has asked me too many times, until he eventually got tired and stopped asking.


Funny how I take only 1 week to finish his Mom's one, and about 1 month has passed, but I'm still stuck on his own.


I will finish it soon! Promise.

Friday, August 08, 2008 @ 12:14 AM

Been sewing so much the past few weeks, my fingers are getting numb from all the needle pricks now.

I tell you, it sucks to be sewing and admiring your work, when suddenly, you push in the needle a little too hard in the wrong direction and find it nestling in your warm flesh.

Argh. (Sounds a lil' sick eh... Haha!)

Anyway, it feels good to be sewing.

It feels good to be doing something so matronly. I haven't really been in touch with my domestic side for ages.

Just to let you know, I am actually a very domestic person.

I love to cook, bake, clean and do little cute stuff like sewing little crafts.

It's actually quite fun to do them, you know. I think its my little secret passion. I can so imagine you scrunching up your nose and thinking that I'm a bit mad now.

Henry actually said I should make use of my crafty talent to go and set up a business selling crafts, pillows specifically.

I could just imagine his business mind clicking at that very moment he uttered that.

However, I only laughed and mentioned who would buy them?

And he said he would.

Awwww, so sweet.

(*Notice that I don't use the word 'Awwww' often because I find it a bit too sickly sweet when used by the wrong people. So, if I use it it has to be something really good.)

I believe if I wasn't a student, I would be a housewife. *grins*
Okay, maybe not.

A bit too far-fetched.

I might eventually get bored staying at home 365 days a year, and what else to do besides going to community centres to sign up for random cooking courses or maybe go shopping once in a while in Tanglin?

I think I would be better at work. Interaction with humans and knowledge of general issues would make me more in tune with the ways of the world.

I don't know how some housewives can just spend their whole married lives at home lah.

Wouldn't it get boring one day?

But then again, thinking about it, it ain't a bad job lah. You get to do whatever you want whenever you want it, no work stress.

You get to do fun things like buying groceries and cooking dinner for your husband when he comes back from work, you clean your home the way you want, without having to worry about a maid laundering your clothes wrongly.

Damn fun lah.

Unless you're the type who hates cleaning and cooking.

But I love.


Anyway, I'm still sewing my little project but I'll let you know what is it exactly that I'm spending so much time on soon!

Right after I finish.

Stay tuned. (:

You know something.
Wednesday, August 06, 2008 @ 10:03 PM

I suddenly realised that I love my friend Kelly Ho a lot, a lot.

Example of Kelly.

You're one of the most self-less, encouraging, peaceful, always smiling and always listening people that I know.

I can't believe we never talked much even though we were in the same class until Sec 3, but you know seriously, am I ever so glad that I have you as my good friend.

The good ol' days escaping from lessons and preening in the toilet.

I once thought you were kinda quiet and never the kind whom I would relate with, but once I got to know you, I realised boy was I wrong, there was a deep personal connection with you!

You're the girl who would never ever curse someone even if he/she has done an extremely bad deed to you,

Have I ever told you one of the most dazzling things about you is your sunshine SMILE?

You're the girl who kept reminding a nonchalent me about karma,

You're the girl who constantly failed Maths and Biology but always received As in Literature with me,

Oh, how bored we must have seemed.

You're the girl who would always listen to my problems. I really appreciate the way you listen ever so attentively, yet never get swayed and give me a level-headed view. You're always the type who would ask me, "What Would Jesus Do?".

You're the girl who empathises with her heart, and not her mouth.

You're the girl who once told me with a really earnest heart, "How can you do that! You can't have a boyfriend if you're not sure if you love him yet."

You're the one who smiles over a mile away when I see you in the hallway and shout out your name.

You're the girl who watched me cry at the clinic once.

You're the girl who accompanied me to buy a straw bag and watched me bargain.

You're also the one who threw away your brand new straw bag with me in a Somerset MRT station dustbin just because we genuinely thought it was haunted.

The choir concert that I went to, just for you.

You're the girl who told me once, "I've not gone to church for a long time, because I no longer feel the connection". I brought you to mine and you started going again.

A scene of our favourite chill-out before it always got so crowded.

(By the way, just to let you know, I always head up to buy a packet of chilled ham whenever I'm at Serene Centre now.)

You're just that girl, and so much more.

Although we don't have time to properly hang out and catch up much nowadays, cept' for an occasional 'hi-and-bye' along the stairways,

I just wanna say:

It's been 3 years.

Thank you for your friendship, and so much more.

Thank you for just being Kelly.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 @ 11:00 PM

I'm tired.

Of waiting, of listening, of being there.

I do not want to go out and just walk and talk to you like a blank doll.

A white porcelain doll with cherubic lips, pretty, fragile, but my eyes are lifeless and convey no expression.

I feel no connection.

In fact, countless times after encounters with you, do I think it was unnecessary and not worthwhile.

Stop calling me.

You don't need me.

I need some space alone.

You have no idea how much I need this.

Neither do I too, I just need some time alone to gauge.

About my sense of direction.
Friday, August 01, 2008 @ 11:14 PM

Why do I always have the tendency to knock into objects, living or non-living?

Yesterday, was yet another embarrassing experience, bearing a vaguely eerie similarity to last year's.

Anyway, it so happened that I was in the quadrangle and rushing for assembly when the bell rang.

The stupid assembly theme song was playing again, the one that sounds so positively cheery and delighted that its yet another new day of school, oh happy day!

Gossiping excitedly with my friends, we were walking hastily and soon got entangled in the mass crowd.

I turned around to look at my friends, just to check if they were still behind.

They were there too.

Then I turned back again.

The next thing I knew, my face was in a mess of dark, black hair. (Would have been a way more unpleasant scenario in a horror movie)

Don't ask me why. I dunno.

But I stepped back, and to my horror, it was not a ghost but a girl.


The girl just turned around and stared at me in half surprise and shock, shock that I was rude enough to entrap myself in her tresses!

I immediately recognised her as Miffy-voice, the name that she was known to my other friends and I. Thats because she sounds like Miffy the cartoon, haha.

Geez. I was only thinking if she had washed her hair last night.

I looked at her, looked around at the situation and decided this time, it couldn't be that bad because there were fewer people around paying any attention this time.

So, what else can one do when you knock into a fellow human?

I immediately apologised and said, "Omgosh, sorry! I'm so sorry!" and was half-laughing at my misdeed and extremely bad sense of direction.

I think I did not sound sincere.

There was nothing else I could really say. "Erm... I accidentally knocked into you? Sorry, haha!"

Anyway, I hastily left, leaving her still in surprise.

What an absolutely horrid experience. I shall make another note, not to bump into anything else in the future.


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