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Air On G.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 7:04 PM

My favouritest favourite piece of classical music will always, always always be Air On G String. Especially Sarah Chang's version.

I can't get enough of her.

Anyway, I think she's quite pretty, even though she might not be skinny by international standards. She has really nice features.

And I love her smug look when she hits the perfect note, and crescendos from almost nothing - plain air.

Smug and confident musicians never fail to strike me in the heart, arrest me and bowl me over. (Can't say I am one myself)

Ah sigh.


(Do go Youtube her video, I would post it up here myself but one of my pet peeves are embedded Youtube videos in blogs.)

Heeee. Okay nowww I have to go again. Gotta go do my work!

My lil' brother's birthday is coming next week! Gotta think of what to give him. Maybe I'll give him a restuarant treat, since he always treats me.

And after his birthday, will be Henry's!! Oh my gosh I have A Secret Surprise (ASS) lined up for him - something sweet and nice and very memorable.

BUT I have to get started and cracking on the main thing first, which is to take a lot of nice pictures of us!

Gee oh gee. How do I get him to comply?

And then there is the questions of getting many helium balloons. Lol. Will not tell you what I'll be doing yet.

Okay. Fine... I'll tell you.

I will be...

1) Baking a birthday cake. (His favourite cake of mine is actually Oreo Cheesecake, followed by Durian Cream, but this time in particular I think I'll try Mango Cake)
2) Blowing up mannnny balloons and filling up the floor of his room till he can't see anything.
3) Putting our photos inside some of the balloons.
4) Putting some clues inside the others.
5) Handing him a pin.

Haha. You guess what happens next.

I like games.

Anyway, the clues will eventually lead up to The Mystery Gift... which I have yet to decide.

Henry has everything.

The last gift I gave him was a Razer mouse and the previous one was a black leather wallet which he still uses.

And then I wrote him many letters/cards before, baked him many different types of cakes and cooked whole meals for him before.

About 5 times. 3 dishes and 1 soup.

(Haha the reason I'm posting this here is because I'm sure he doesn't read my blog. At least I think so.)

Okay I really have to go now, ciao!


Developments over the year and Henry.
Monday, March 02, 2009 @ 8:32 PM

Sorry for not updating for ages!

It kinda sucks because I ALWAYS have inspirations to type out a fascinating entry and after I'm done with it, I'm like, "Ahhh... It's too opinionated or the phrasing of my judgements are one-sided."

Or else I just spend a long time writing a relatively long entry and then get called to do something else, then leave me aside and forget about it again.

I know, my blogging habits are annoying. Haha.

But actually, I don't even know who still reads this blog so I would be updating for nobody, theoretically. Ah anyway.

I've been doing many many things lately, and everything's been in a whirl. But thank goodness things are finding an end to itselves and I am still grabbing on a tight hold to everything. That is, I hope.

Let's see the past developments of the year. Shiz, I just found out that I haven't updated in months.

CNY: It went pretty good and it was a normal Chinese New Year like any other, I would expect? Baking pineapple tarts, visiting of relatives, collecting of ang bao money and the list goes on...

Valentine's Day: Kinda the highlight of my year so far! Haha. I really like the present H gave me, it is so wonderful and sweet. I will post the pictures of it up here soon. Actually, he gave me a bouquet of flowers and I am absolutely THRILLED (!) because I have not gotten a bouquet of flowers before in my whole life. From any guy or girl for that matter. Although they say flowers don't last, I have a way of making it last, so yes, giving me flowers are worthwhile because I can make them last for years in their original state.

Oh, and I forgot to talk about Christmas last year where dear Henry also gave me a lovely watch. It is really sweet of him and I love that watch so much because it comes from him (d-oh) and also because it is really beautiful. I wear it close to everyday.

I will post pictures up again (soon) but simply describing, the watch is made of rose-gold, has diamonds at the side and has a white strap.

I'm so glad my boyfriend knows my taste in accessories! I'm quite touched, really. Was surprised when I saw the gift and he made me open it immediately to see my reaction.

My taste in accessories and clothes is rather classic and feminine. I like looking for and appreciating little intricate details, such as the handwork in beaded purses. I appreciate things with a history to them, things that are a little nostalgic.

I like things that can survive the test of time, and hate following trends blindly. Granted, I'll only follow a trend if it suits me.

Ah, coming close to two years now. I wonder what he's gonna give me for my birthday. Lol.

Okay I sound like I'm only on the receiving end but the truth is, I have been doing many little gifts for him too! Except my gifts aren't really big gifts, but they are small every-day kinda simple, hand-made and touching gifts. And I know he appreciates them.

You know something. When I finally earn money, I am very sure that I am gonna get him a big gift. A super big gift that he will NEVER forget.

The kind that would make him wear a bright smile all the way to work and tell his colleagues, "Eh, you know my gf gave me this and I think she's the bestest gf in the world ever!"

Nah, not a car.

I meant. Such as closing a video shop for 2 hours and letting him run amok in there choosing a game console. Which means a PS5 (whatever they come out with by then) or an XBOX3 (is that out already?).

OH NO. I just remembered, that by the time I go out to work, he would too, and the gift wouldn't make a difference then since he would have been able to afford it long ago!

Oh no oh no oh no! What is better than a game console but cheaper than a car?? Haha.

Have to think about this.

Okay this is fast becoming a Henry-Jia Xin post. But anyway, I love and appreciate my boyfriend...
Shit. I think people are getting bored.

Argh. I hope I'm not getting too boring. Like "one half of a boring couple". Will update on something more interesting next time, such as who I have the hots for in Tinseltown!

See ya.

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