there's no real
love in you
Thursday, September 29, 2005 @ 8:33 PM

Oh my. This is so good, I just have to post it.

Don't freak out. A word of caution to all viewers out there: Please do not view the contents of this page directly after your dinner.


Close your eyes.
Try not to peek.


Ah.... you're peeeking!






It's not often that you see a pig's eye in full frontal dissection mode. Yes, you guessed it. Here are some photos of the pig's eye we dissected during Biology about 2 weeks ago! Actually, not we. More like Danielle. Dan the Man! -cue macho voice-

I'm so proud of you, Dan.

Here we are seen, cutting the layer of fats off the squiggly pig's eye.

Fat free!

This is the focal lens found in the pig's eyeball. Nice no? I think they look like sago.

Dan, trying desperately in a bid to slice the pig's eye into half.

She is so not going to use her lunch box again.

And finally, the after math. 1 shitake mushroom and 1 sago pearl!

Friday, September 23, 2005 @ 3:32 PM


So I sneaked a little and changed my blog template.

The tagboard is a little screwed because you can't see whatever you're typing in it.
Which means whoever types me a message will now have to do it blindly.

will do it another time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005 @ 7:22 PM

In the backseat of the bus
We sit alone
Just you and me, so quiet
I want to say something
To break the awkward silence
But I see that you are
Watching the lady in the second row
Clutching her umbrella tightly
In the grasp of her wrinkled palm
Almost like the way you hold my hand
I would say, maybe
But we've only met once
And no matter how you say
That I look beautiful
I get this awful feeling
Deep inside my heart
That you will think otherwise
In a month or two
There are many things I so adore about you
Your smile, for instance
Makes me think of an impish grin
That only a boy in mischief can pull off
Your saccharine words
Are they real?
I doubt in hoping that
Those sweet nothings, they don't mean a thing
Midnight calls, you try to please me
Without much effort
But I keep refusing
And for once
I contemplate if you do it to every other
Girl who walks along the street
I know that you're a G
And I'm an A
Somehow these two don't always meet
In the stars
But I seem to like
The way you keep wanting me
And pushing me off at the same time

It's clockwork.

Thursday, September 15, 2005 @ 4:07 PM

I'm happy!

Feeling happy today. (:

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 @ 4:36 PM

Dear friend,

Without knowing it, you have just taken away the trust I had in you. I'm sorry to have hurt you, and I didn't mean for things to turn out this way. All I would like to say is, we are still friends... and thats what is important. You might be feeling angry right now, but please do take some time to cool down and think over what you have just told me.

Thanks for the times we've shared, for all the times we've laughed and joked, and for all the times you've listened to my troubles. Thanks for comforting me and being there when I needed you most. I appreciate our friendship, and I hold it close to my heart.

Please don't be angry anymore, my dear friend. All I ask for is time. Time is trust, and only with trust then can we pick up the pieces and carry on again.

With love, Jiaxin.

Monday, September 12, 2005 @ 6:52 PM

I should have posted this picture long ago.


24 th August 2005.

I love you.


Saturday, September 03, 2005 @ 9:14 PM

My heart is too weak for any other shocks - the death of peace's mom as well as my distant relative (uncle's wife's mom) have all been too sudden. Although they are not very close to me, and I've stopped talking to peace as often already. In fact I've only met my distant relative once.

Somehow I just feel like crying. Especially for peace, she was my band buddy last year. She is also the friendliest and kindest senior I've known. We were very close in the previous years before she left for JC, although our conversation is now only limited to online chats and when we do meet in person, it's just a smile 'hi' and 'bye' thing.

I flipped through the school magazine a few days back, and saw her face in the graduating alumni of Sec 4 '2004. She was grinning in her usual cheerful way, and I thought nothing of it before flipping to the next page. Who would have known? I didn't expect such a thing to happen to her, and whats more she's a genuinely nice person. She treasures relationships alot, almost in the same way as I do.

How can such a thing happen to her?

I feel the hurt.

While talking to her yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore. I actually broke down and cried, after hearing what she's been through. I didn't sob, but the tears flowed down my face freely. In a way I also felt blessed that I still have my mom with me, my dearest mommy, to protect and care for me. I'm still a child at heart in many ways. I tend to be naive and gullible at times.

I can't forget the times in Sec 1 when I first joined band, a fresh-faced girl unfamiliar with her surroundings. She helped me, joked and talked to me. I still remembered reading the first letter that she wrote to me, and how she told me that she would treat me just like her very own younger sister. I remembered looking up to her for her talent in percussion, and admiring her passion for music. I remembered the many crazy conversations we had, making up stories and thinking of quirky names. I remembered looking up to her for inspiration.

Undeniably she was my source of inspiration.

I remembered her devotion towards SC band, and how none of it has changed, even though she's left for JC ever since.

She still makes a point to ask me about events every time we meet online.

She always comes back to support us for every performance that we've done.

She feels the joy and jubilation for us after every successful performace.

You'll always be with us, peace.

I want to hug her and comfort her, but all I can do is talk to her.

I feel extremely, extremely sad. I don't know how this feeling is so hard to explain. But if I were to place myself in her shoes, I would be equally crushed if something like that happened to my mom or a loved one.

I don't even want it to happen.

All I can say now is. Learn to let go of things, peace. Cry your heart out this instant and repair the emotional damage, but you'll re-emerge as a stronger person.

Nows the time to grieve and feel the pain, but life still goes on.

It always comforts me to think that peace's mom is high up all the way in heaven, watching over her and protecting her. She will be watching over dear peace like a guardian angel, and offering her love and support.

I'll always be there for you. =)

Friday, September 02, 2005 @ 10:44 PM

Dad says I can get an IPOD if...

a) I get 4 A1s for this year's EOYS.
b) I pass my next guitar exam with a distinction! Not bad, I almost got distinction last time but missed by 2 marks.
c) I don't talk on the phone. Too much.

Yeahh. So thats basically it. So many rules to keep to, but I want my IPOD mini! Decked in lime green.

Pretty please? Ke yi ma?

I already have a whole list of songs to jam to.

And viv already has a second MP3. Lucky girl. She broke her last one and was darn pissed at the manufacturer for refusing to accept the guarantee.

Oh well. Actually I have 2 choices. It's between a pair of Birkenstocks (the real thing) and an IPOD. To make it fair, since the IPOD costs more I get to choose any pair of Birkenstocks in Wheelock Place! Hey. Dad said it. :9

I already have my eyes on one. It's the denim one on display. Costs $100-$150 if I'm not wrong.

$150 on a pair of casual slipper-like things.

OR $500 (and below) for an IPOD mini/MP3 player?

The guys say I should go for the IPOD! And the girls say birkenstocks. Ah, I understand.

One (girl) can never have too many shoes.

Actually I don't even have a proper one la. My white flats just tore at the front part because I was kicking (at something, not someone) and it kinda... broke. sob.

Its already scruffy. I can't bear to throw them away.

It was a gift from my mom for a special occasion, and therefore it is significant. I bet you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "What. For a pair of shoes?" Yes. Even though they are a pair of shoes.

I never throw away things that mean a lot to me.

I was cleaning out my cupboard the other day and I came through a pile of memories. Postcards, old letters, gifts and stuffed toys from friends whom I can only remember their names but I don't know how they look like now. Somehow I just felt warm and happy reading those old letters again. They are enough to form a thick stack.

I tied them up with string and placed them in a box.

I know I will never throw them away, even when I clean my room every year. Because these are my memories. And memories aren't forever.

One day, I shall show these to my children/boy friend/husband. Haha.

At least they'll know a part of me.

Haha. And I also know that my room will be extremely cluttered by then. As it already is. And its also hot and stuffy because my air con broke down a month ago. Dad doesn't want to repair it, because I use it quite frequently and the bill gets sky high. I want you, Mr Cool! I miss sleeping at night with the air con on at full blast (aha!) while I'm snug between my comforters and all my stuffed toys around me to protect me from The Bogey Man. Waste of electricity, I know. It's like I purposely get cold in order to be hot. Doesn't make sense, does it.

I'm scared of the dark.

And somehow I seem to have an over-active imagination. Don't work well together. I shall expect to overcome my fear by the time I'm 21, I suppose.


Today has been a very tiring day. Don't feel like blogging about it unless you wanna read a huge chunk of junk like, "I ate chicken mushroom noodles during recess! etcetc". Highlights of today: Honours Day and Kedah Band exchange.

The band exchange was ok. We always have band exchanges, and its stupid how they always pair us with neighbouring boys' schools. SJI for example. I saw the SJI flautist! Slick-backed hair, glasses and chest-high shorts. Hm. Typical SJI style. But anyway, the Kedah band exchange today turned out well and as usual we played pieces for them to hear. I must say their band is VERY good. They took part in some Australian Competition and came in first! Impressive. They are also very friendly and extremely humble.

We had a meet and greet session with the students, and I walked around shaking their hands and introducing myself. They are very polite and friendly, and didn't shy away like people usually do! And might I say they are extremely humble, despite having so many achievements. We had great fun and I hope they did as well. =)

It was also Honours Day, and I received a badge as an award.

Oh well. EOYS are coming really soon, and I'm cramming through all my sciences and maths. Not free to go online and use the comp as often now, much less talk on the phone. I've got tuition for bio, chem, and both maths the whole of next week. So much for holidays.

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