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Saturday, January 28, 2006 @ 11:23 PM

WEEEEEEEEE! Feeling so so happy today!

It's not counted as the first day of CNY but already it's starting to be fun. Didn't get to buy my clothes so I guess I'll have to survive on 1 top and 1 pair of pants for these 3 days. Nah, just kidding. Mom says I should stop buying new clothes since I already bought a lot during the December Holidays (yes siree) so instead I'm going to spend my money on a new pair of shoes!

I'm scouting around for nice strappy heels.

Oh now I feel kinda guilty that I didn't get to go out with Jas Sam and HL on Friday. Felt so tired that I wanted to rush home and sleep. I imagined that I would fling myself onto bed and go into deep slumber the moment my head touched the pillow. Okay, maybe not. Stayed awake to help spring clean the house and tidy up my cupboard.

Total mess of shoes, bags and clothes. Time for a new revamp!

I want a new look for my room. Maybe I should start painting in deep sexy red or bright yellow. I love yellow. Just makes me happy :)

And time to get new curtains, new bedsheets and a new table. Time to change my bedsheets.

So anyway today I went over to my cousin's house and we played Monkey with my little cousins! So adorable. They're really small and hyper, it's kinda fun to run around with them and watch them squeal in delight when you're snatching the ball from them. Teehee.

-Guilty look-

Okay okay, don't look at me like that.

I just realised that I need to grow more. Took my height and weight this year and I'm as tall as 160. How short is that? Haha. My weight is 43 kg however, which means that I gained 1 kg from last year! Hurray. Need to munch on more chocolate and chips.

Even my cousin who is 13 this year is taller than me. That is kinda sad. She plays basketball and is so fit. We were having fun passing the ball around and trying to avoid the small kids. Heh.

So my goal this year is to reach 163 cm at least. Please.

And there was this guy next door who plays basketball too, he is really fit. Well, the most muscular guy I ever saw. He was passing the ball around and when it hit the wall, there was a resounding thump. He also picked up his 11 year old brother by his shirt collar and lifted him up. Wow.

Haha and he is really funny! Kept following us around and teasing me, quite lame at times but nonetheless he makes me laugh. And he kept trying to keep the ball from his little brother, who got angry and then started crying. Little brother burried his face into big brother's polo tshirt and wiped his tears with it.


Sibling love is so sweet.

Haha so anyway after that, went back into my cousin's house for reunion dinner with my Dad's side of the family. We had steamboat which was delicious.

And I realise that every year, my relatives would say the same sort of things. It's like a running pattern, you know sometimes I could even complete their sentence for them. Heh.

"This is jiaxin ah? She's grown prettier since the last time I saw her!"

"She's so tall now!" (Not)

"She's changed so much since the last time I saw her!"

And sometimes,

"How's your studies coming along?"

I remember this relative who asked me once, "So. Got boyfriend already?" and I replied in a kinda embarassed manner, "No... I'm only 15". Heh. And she looked so shocked.

I suppose I do look mature but my height apparently cannot make up for it.

I must drink Grow! Grow grow!

Anyway, just realised that I haven't talked to my cousin for almost a year and we have so much to catch up with each other. Usually we just say hi and bye in school, but never more than that. It's great to be able to talk to someone whom I was close to before. :)

So we were browsing through Friendster when she instinctively clicked on Valeries's (Basketball Captain) profile. She browsed through her pictures and then said, "Wow, this sec 2 junior is so lucky to take a photo with Valerie!". And I'm like, huh? Don't people have rights to take pictures with anyone? Except if you're a movie star or a person of high profile of course.

And then she went on gushing about Valerie. Ah, juniors.

I remember that I used to be afraid of this particular senior who looked menacing. But actually she was really nice in person. Just that I used to be afraid to approach her and talk to her because I imagined that she would roar at me. Heh.

And now I actually have a junior who's afraid of me! Shall not say her name, but kinda unbelievable. She says that she is intimidated by me. Oh no. :(

Am I intimidating? I sure hope not :)

Jas Ngu was like, "Yeah, she probably thinks you're intimidating because you are always so hyper". Oh man. Please do not be afraid of me, because I am a senior who is actually really nice and friendly :)

Shall go talk to her more to bond with her.

So after the reunion dinner, I sent her an SMS. "Have a Happy CNY! :D" and she replied back with a smile. How sweet. I love the warmthness of nice people :)

And then after that, went to play basketball with the others including my cousin's neighbours. Had a lot of fun trying to throw the ball into the hoop! Mine went in a record of 11 times! Yaye.

Shall go sleep early tonight, gotta wake up early tomorrow to visit my relatives!

Nights all :D

Friday, January 27, 2006 @ 9:24 PM

Oh my oh my I'm so tired. Today was a good day!

Went to catch Memoirs of a Geisha with Jasmine, Sam and HL. It is a good show, not as good as the book itself but nonetheless the plot is enchanting. Zhang Ziyi speaks good english, no matter how many people comment that her english isn't up to standard or clearly enunciated, but hey come on. Give her a break, she's chinese like everyone of us too :)

Anyway, the show is good. So go and watch it!

Oh yes and I was feeling really happy this morning. For no reason at all, somehow my heart just felt lighter. Praise the Lord for keeping my faith in Him strong, and for blessing me with so many people who care about me in my life.

It's wonderful to wake up everyday and open my windows to breathe in the fresh air, and realise what a beautiful world God has given us. Perhaps I get touched by the simplest pleasures in life.

It takes little to please me and yet I feel very happy at just the slightest things.


When I was young, I used to get a little deprived of the little things that most kids had but I didn't. I don't mean family love, I grew up in a family that showered me with love and warmth. I guess it instilled in me an instinct to provide happiness for the others around me too. Perhaps this is the reason why I tend to feel sad when others around me are down and others' moods also affect me easily.

Little things like candy, toys, books and games... not that my family couldn't afford it but it was more like they considered it an unnecessity. Also, I must admit that they are health-nuts (though I am not, haha) and food like ice cream and chocolate were also restricted from. Therefore I could imagine going to kindergarten everyday and watching my friends play with Power Rangers and Polly Pocket dolls while I shared their toys.

We bonded and had fun together but I remember going home everyday and feeling quite sad that I could not get to play with Polly Pocket. Heh.

Food like chocolate and chips I also abstained from, I would view these as delights that were out of reach. I remember going to my best friend’s house almost everyday where we would pig out on Jack and Jill's and Cadbury's that we bought from Caltex across the school. And then we would have fun staying in her room behind locked doors pretending to do homework but actually we were ahem, pigging out and reading Archie comics!

Okay, so much for being naughty.

But right now I guess I'm older and have more freedom to do what I want (i.e. hang out with more friends and buy all sorts of stuff) without my parents nagging at me. But I do have restrictions. In a way it’s all good because it teaches me to be wise enough to make my own choices.


Anyway right after the movie, we had initially intended to go and buy clothes! Chinese New Year clothes, I haven’t bought all my clothes this year. So we planned to walk around to shop.

This is my usual shopping list for every CNY:

1) 2/3 tops
2) 2 bottoms
3) New shoes (maybe)

And right now I've only gotten 1 top and 1 bottom. More shopping to go!

Top includes a white halter-neck with a jacket, bottom is yellow pants. I should go and get more skirts. Maybe a dress, I'm not sure. And definitely nice heels :)

After walking around for 30 minutes with the girls, I got tired of the crowd at Far East and went home. Loud Chinese new year music blasting from the speakers kinda gave me a head-ache. So I went home with the intention to sleep but instead I stayed awake to tidy up my wardrobe.


Still halfway packing my stuff. Just realised that I have a lot of un-used stuff lying everywhere, pieces of the past and many fragments of little memories that I do not want to keep. Too sleepy. Shall do some spring-cleaning tomorrow!

Good night! :D


Thursday, January 26, 2006 @ 6:03 PM

Spent some quality time with my best friend today!

Just came back from Island Creamery with Jas Ngu. Haha, we had so much fun there eating ice cream and sitting there for 2 whole hours just chatting about our life and the stuff that's going on around us. So it's true that girls have much more to say. Anyway, we went there and got free stickers :)

Stuck it on my file. It serves to remind me of good ice cream whenever I'm bored in class and I just have to think of yummy reverso.

Oh and we both dropped ice cream! It was on the cone and I was talking halfway when suddenly PLOP! On it went onto the floor. So embarassing, it's only once in a while that embarassing things happen and my face turned red. Jas Ngu was laughing at me but hers dropped later too. Haha! But Uncle Stanley was really nice and he offered to refill it for us entirely free :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006 @ 9:42 PM

Okay, so school's started.

Not really looking forward to the stuff that's happening. Like O's. This is going to be one stressful year.

Time for getting serious.

I can't imagine myself as a Sec 4 already. 9 years in this school, 8 months left to go. I do acknowledge the fact but somewhere deep inside me still lies the exuberance of a Sec 2.

I just want to go back to primary school days, or maybe even kindergarten. I long for the days when I was free and not so busy or stressed up with school work. I long for the times when I sat with my friends in kindergarten and we snuck ice cream behind the teacher's back.

We laughed and we giggled. Kindergarten seemed like a bore to me then. But now I realise that those were the days when I was truly free.

Sec 1 was good. Sec 2 was even better. It was when I found friends that I could really count on in times of good or bad. Sec 3 was well, what I can say a rollercoaster ride. Ups and downs, each day was a thrill. New people I met, new friends and new acquaintances. New experiences. It tuned me to life.

And now, it's already the start of my 10th year. I still remember the time when I first stepped into this school in Primary 1, feeling so lost and lonely. New strangers, different faces. I held onto my mom's hand everytime and felt apprehensive whenever I was being approached by a new face.

Primary 4 was when I went to my best friend's house to play Barbie after school each day, snuck to Shell with my neighbour to get Ben and Jerry's at night when everyone was sleeping and basically lived the life every 10 year old girl wanted.

I had my first crush, and people crushing on me.

I learnt how to ride a bike and scrapped my knee countless times, I played soccer with the boys in my neighbourhood. Yeah, I was quite rough then. I raced with them on bikes and won, I still remember the looks on their faces when they learnt that a girl had beaten them. But it was all in the name of fun, we all enjoyed playing together and trashing each other. We went over to each others' houses to play video games. Basically I did boys' stuff but was quite girly too.

Primary 6 was when I played hard every single day. I stayed back every day after school just to walk around with my friends and chat, we had girl talks on the phone which lasted for a few hours. We never ran out of things to say, a new topic could just spark up a whole conversation. Those were the friends I grew up with and treasured.

Sec 2 was when I met friends that I could really trust, some of these friends have been with me since primary school. Everyday was something to look forward to, I couldn't wait to get to school when I woke up every morning. My passion grew for the band.

Sec 3 was a time when I fell down. But I learnt to pick myself up again.

And finally, this year. My last year in SCGS. This beloved school of mine, almost like a second home. Suddenly I feel nostalgic all over again. It seems as though these 10 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I know I should really start treasuring the last days I have here and also the friends that have been with me. But somehow, somewhere deep inside my heart is crying.


Yes, I finally do feel the stress. The strain of work piling up, surprise tests and new topics to learn. Old topics to revise. I see people in school studying whenever they're free, and I already feel pressured. So far I've covered the whole of last year's E Math syllabus and half of A Math for revision. What's left? So much, just so much.

And yet people who've done their O's tell me, "Aiyah, don't worry. 10 more months? That's such a long time away..."

True. But I don't want to idle my time.

I guess the only thing that I could only look forward to this year is prom. I can't wait to get a dress and maybe go book a chalet or bunk in the hotel room with my friends. Then we could party all night long.

And we'll all be sitting pretty in our dresses.


But right now I just feel the strain.

Thursday, January 12, 2006 @ 11:30 PM

I only have time for a quickie, so...

Conrad's Wedding!
(L to R: Fiona, Qianhui, Me)

Yes, you didn't hear wrong. Conrad.

Apparently he's a distant relative of mine, my cousin's cousin. The wedding in this case was not held in Conrad, but Shangri La.

Took a lot of photos that day, will post them up soon. For now I've got to do my Commonwealth :)

Monday, January 09, 2006 @ 12:11 AM

I just received an email from a friend... and somehow I feel weird after reading it.

Oh wells.

Saturday, January 07, 2006 @ 12:01 AM

On temporary hiatus.

For a short while, I've got things to sort out.

Will be right back soon. Promise :)

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