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Ze Very Happy Girl.
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 @ 7:20 PM

I am a very happy girl today because I finally received what I wished for!

Make a guess?

It came in a nice brown envelope.
Let's see what's inside!

2 yards of yummy.

This is fabric from the exclusive designer Heather Bailey's Freshcut collection!

*dances around in joy* *grins excitedly*

Remember I wrote a post on Heather Bailey a few weeks ago? I was inspired by her wonderful collections of fabric.

After that post, I went on a massive search for her fabric. I combed through high and low, trying to find shops or suppliers in Singapore who sold her collections but unfortunately there weren't any.

Thank goodness for online shopping.

Thank goodness also for the depreciating US dollar.

I purchased this fabric from Etsy about a week back and have been waiting for the arrival of this baby ever since.

It took more than 1 week to arrive, past the expected arrival date estimated by the seller, but I can say it was well worth the wait.

Lying on my dresser, bathing in the warm evening glow.

Isn't it lovely?

This fabric is peach chrysanthemums on a robin-egg-blue background.

I was originally looking for something Tiffany's blue, but this was the closest I could get, nonetheless I love this!

I adore classic floral prints like this.

To me, it is timeless, and will never go out of style.

Freshcut and fabulous.

Hmmm, I'm still figuring out what to do with this pile of fabric.

I know part of it will definitely go into making a cushion for Henry's Mom's birthday, and the other half for my Mom's birthday.

Both birthdays are coming so soon, and in the same month!

Ah sigh.

I am also going to finish making his gift and if I can find some time, bake an oreo cheesecake for him this weekend.

Was a long time since I last made it.

Sheesh. So much to do, so little time!

Like Music Playing Without Sound.
Tuesday, July 22, 2008 @ 10:56 PM

I just finished typing out the Dance article and boy, am I drained!

Out of 3 people I messaged and called from Dance last week, only ONE finally replied and she was the President.

Thank goodness someone had the decency to at least entertain the fact that I write for the college magazine and that my deadline is due soon (!!), and I really thank her that I finally got a reply at least.

Sometimes, it is just that difficult to get people for interviews.

Probably because they are afraid of what they have to account for if they aren’t the higher authority.

Another reason could be because they just couldn’t give a bother, after all, what would it matter if they did not reply, it’s my article that I have to do, not theirs.

Anyway, after the interview part is done, the rest of my assignment is usually very secure because I just have to sit in front of a computer for say, 45 minutes and stare at the blank screen with a mind block thinking of how to phrase a formal document properly.

*** ***

Today was Council Installation Day, and we had our assembly in the hall.

Isn’t it funny, how sometimes, when you’re out of something, you feel you can see the world so much more clearer?

Different perspectives, I guess.

Anyway, today, the school band was called to play the national anthem and school song as usual.

And today was the day, I actually saw the school band from the outside world perspective for the first time.

Suddenly, I felt a small, sharp feeling of nostalgia.

It pricked.

I never thought I would feel this way, until, perhaps a long time.

I actually wanted to raise my hand and wave at them, those whom I know, sitting in the gallery just looking very sullenly and bored down at the mass crowd below, wondering how much time they would have to wait before their turn to play.

Like them, I was once, one of the performers in the gallery, looking at the mass crowd below and tapping my feet impatiently, aimlessly chatting with fellow section mates, waiting for our turn to play while drifting in and out of sleep in between.

I was part of them.

Now, I am only but one insignificant soul of the ‘mass crowd’.

I am now part of the others.

Although, I still am feeling really glad that I did not stay on and spend more of my time there doing something which I do not enjoy. This, by the way is my very true feelings and the main reason why I did not wish to stay.

I looked at them for a long time today, and I could almost just imagine their conversation before they started and stopped playing.

Faeliq would be signaling to them when to hold up instruments, they would be joking and crapping about some random nonsense and basically there would be some people falling asleep in between.

The more I looked at them, the more I felt this strong urge to suddenly return and be a part of them.

To be part of the gallery. To sit above and hold my instrument proudly, and look at the ‘commoners’ below.

‘Commoners’ they were to me last time, now I am but one part of the commoners who sit and wait for the music to start and stop.

I waved.

Nobody waved back.

Or perhaps, nobody saw me. This just about illustrates my point.

I am only but one of the mass crowd now. An insignificant part of the audience, which those on stage cannot see.

When they finally played, I closed my eyes and imagined the most glorious music on earth.

I felt a quick, impulsive flicker in my heart.

It lasted for a mere 3 seconds, before I jolted back to reality.

This is what you want.

My heart soothed.

Sunday, July 20, 2008 @ 11:36 PM

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Changing Room Confessions.
Saturday, July 19, 2008 @ 4:37 AM

Went out with EL the other day. Being really bored, we just wandered into French Connection and browsed through the clothes.

I saw a lovely rouge red dress with flutter sleeves and decided to try it on for fun.

This dress costs 165 SGD.

It is very hard to buy clothes when you are skinny. Very hard.

Seriously, sometimes when I tell somebody that I need more fats (I am not kidding) they usually give me a look as if I am crazy and tell me, "But, you're so skinny!".

Yea. I know, and I don't need reminders.

It's not like I want to be skinny on purpose or go on a diet.

I just am born skinny. And I have a high metabolism rate. So no matter how much I eat and how often I eat (quite a lot just as long as you put me in a place with numerous food stations) I will still remain SKINNY.

Yea, I know it sounds really ______, but since young, people have always asked me to eat more and friends even compare their sizes to me in the school toilet, like seriously. I am kinda tired of it and sometimes it just doesn't sound very nice, especially when they say stuff like, "JX, you're so skinny, you know."

It's not nice being too skinny, either, right?

Given the choice, I would rather be curvy and a lil bit more fleshy. Yeah!

Anyway, Henry just bought an iPod classic the other day.

The real baby.

Him configuring his iPod. I don't think he realised me taking this, because he was kinda busy doing his stuffs and I was just plain wandering around and being a usual bored girl. Though I don't know if he would kill me for this cos I took a picture of him:

A) Wearing CJ PE attire. (which he generally doesnt wanna get caught in)
B) With a shaved buzz cut
C) Typing slowly with one finger.

*gives a mischievous grin*

The table in the picture belongs to his room, and the box of Eclispe mints as seen on it is often koped by me when I am bored and feel like having something to munch on.

Which, is quite often going by the rate that guys just love playing computer games.

Anyway, it is kinda fair, that girls should have something to do WHILE guys play computer games, don't you think?

So, seriously, all girls should have a new rule.

We shall all own Nintendo DS-es and play them when our boyfriends play their PSPs/WII/computer games and we are left with NOTHING TO DO.

Commenting on the game and his playing skills are a little out of the question.

We don't wanna look like a mild retard, esp when we don't know much about the game and still give our opinions on it.

Another option can be that the guy can give his girlfriend 5 points for every 10 minutes that he is playing his game.

The girlfriend can then chock up enough points, which will be recorded and counted on a point system.

Example of point system:

30 points - Free Hug
60 points - Ice cream treat at Ben and Jerry's
70 points - Take me out for a midnight spin in your car
80 points - Buy me a new dress
90 points - Brave the crowds with me during the GSS and be my paper-bag carrier, clothes holder and judge for 1 day.
100 points - Watch a chick flick with me!

Yes, that would be marvellous.


This Is Too Funny.
Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 5:15 PM

Watch this haha I ended up laughing and almost peeing in my pants!

Clever, don't you think?

In case you don't get the last one, it's about a talkshow showcasing a german coach who tries to dig his nose discreetly.

Mission failed.

Worse thing is, he actually very discreetly ate it when he thought nobody was looking! (actually, who isn't guilty of doing that? I bet you cleanphobes/nitpricks do that too when nobody's looking, don't you don't you?)

Haha. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't in front of the camera eh.

I Heart Purses.
Tuesday, July 15, 2008 @ 6:24 PM

I never really liked purses very much, especially those with a kiss clasp because they remind me of old grannies who wear jade and put on powdered perfume.

However, today I believe I have just about seen the most exquisite purses ever.

They are really pretty.

Yes, the word to describe is 'pretty'.

Why so, you ask?

Well, take a look. I found these good buys on Etsy. I've been surfing Etsy lately, they do seem to have such wonderful crafts and gift ideas.

Anyway, without much ado, here they are.

1. Nostalgic Peony and Lotus Silk-Lined Clutch Bag

Monochrome peonies on hand-woven linen.

This purse is lovingly hand-made, and not mass-produced.

I love all things nostalgic that bring me a feel of something antique. For example, I like the smell of old things as they make me reminisce of the past. A past where I did not exist, a past that I do not know of.

I like to believe that I have a bit of an old-body in me, that is, someone who actually appreciates vintage items.

Even it's butt looks cute.

And no, vintage do not really include the kind of 'retro dresses' or 'granny leather handbags' you see in places like Far East Plaza.

To me, vintage is something exquisite and luxe. Something that is not easily owned nor mass-produced.

I like the feel of this purse because its beautiful monochrome peonies remind me of something old and faded but still elegant, like a 20's broadway dame who has reached the peak and also the end of her career.

They say the most beautiful people age gracefully with time, and not against time.

I also appreciate the fact that it carries a slightly elegant and chic side by incorporating a deep Christmas red inside the purse.

I heart this red. It just seems to go so well with the black and white.

The red that you see here is actually stunning dupion silk, making it a luxury every time it is opened.

2. Italian Poppy Silk Lined Clutch Bag

Very Anya Hindmarch.

Oh, Cherie! Cherie!

This is a cute little purse bursting with sun-filled poppy goodness.

This reminds me of a stroll down a delicatessen-lined Paris street on Sunday morning, wearing a mustard yellow summer dress and carrying a red brolly in one hand.

Casual Italian chic.

Again, it has a pretty butt to show off.

I personally dislike it when bags or clutches only look pretty in the front, and has no substance at the back. It's like, everytime you sit down, you always have to leave your clutch pretty side up.

However, with this purse, feel free to place it on either side and watch your friends gasp, before asking, "Gosh, where did you get this from? It's so pretty!".

Baby pink silk-lined interior.

Now, I don't really like the interior of this purse.

Baby pink does not seem to go so well with a cheerful floral print on a white background.

I think a better colour to go would be dark green or royal purple silk.

3. Wood For The Trees Purse

Noir trunks and branches inked on a stark blanc background.

The print from Cole Of England is stunning - a classic print on crisp heavyweight cotton.

Be a nature lover and use this purse to store your loose change, keys and a few necessary cards.

I like the robin-egg-blue silk interior.

Note: This is pure silk, and not satin.

Whip this little baby out when you're wearing a graphic print tshirt, jeans and ballet flats on a casual Saturday afternoon.

Definitely save the environment kitsch.

And, last but not least...
4) Fiery Poppy Silk-Lined Clutch Bag

The grand old dame.

Oh my! A stunning oriental poppy features on each side of this clutch.

The fabric is a finely embroidered brocade, in rich oranges, reds and chocolate brown.

The outer fabric of this purse is complimented with a stunning dupion silk lining in antique gold - when the light catches this silk it reflects the most wonderful rich golds, yellows and coppery reds.

*** ***

Anyway, enough of purses for today!

I like all these purses, particularly the Monochrome Peony.

However, each of these hand-made babies actually cost 60-80 USD, and its not counting international shipping fees yet.

Not a wise choice for a daily purse, because stuff that get into my hands usually dirty easily. *sheepish look*

Hmmm, I do need a new wallet though because I'm thoroughly tired of my trusty black one. I remember in secondary school I would buy a new wallet or bag every few months or so.

I stopped spending so excessively in JC when I learnt to control my weekly allowance and would buy things necessarily as and when I need them.

Though usually I'm still prone to occasional shopping attacks.


Heh, anyway, gotta go now. Will update soon again!

Till then.

I pray.

Friday, July 11, 2008 @ 6:01 PM

Dear _______,

I only told her the truth. I kept it till this day despite the lies you have told her and everybody else.

She called me up and asked me to verify, I told her the truth.

The truth will only leak out one day or another.


They say once bitten, twice shy.

I want nothing to do with you again, and no, I will not help you.

I cannot do your favour, because I will not say an untruth, especially to help someone who spread untruths about me in the past.

You offered me promises of 'rewards' to do your favour? ...

It is that easy to judge a person by what he/she says in times of dire need.

Honestly, do you really think I would still believe in you after what you had done?

Your actions proved your character.

You dug your own hole, and buried yourself in it. If you truly loved her, you would not have done this to her.

I could have voiced out the truth then since I was shocked and angry when I found out, but then I decided to think about it for a few days.

If I really did speak up then, on the contrary, others might only think that I was trying to deny my 'feelings' for you, because I would have sounded so agitated.

Therefore, I decided to keep my cool and not blow matters up.

It has been 1 year. I had already buried this issue, until she called me up.

And until today, you still expect me to cover up for you and do you a favour?

You wanted me to lie in return so that you would not look bad and lose your loved one.

Oh gee.
What can I say, really? You leave me speechless.

You can't expect me to lie to cover up your arse, can you?

Besides, I will not help somebody who is an arsehole.

Last year you were laughing at me and calling me 'dumb', today, you are begging me to do you a favour.

Seems like karma comes back and bites you on the tail when you least realise it.


All in all, I hope you have a good talk with her. If you still truly love her with all your heart, your sincerity will show, and she will know.

I sincerely wish you all the best with her, and I truly mean it.

Freshcut and fabulous!
Wednesday, July 09, 2008 @ 1:12 AM

I absolutely love the range of Freshcut fabric by Heather Bailey!

They are really cute, beautiful and whimsical.

Heather Bailey herself is an inspiration, to me. What I like about her collections is that she is able to mix and match any print and any contrasting colour, and they seem to go well everytime.

I wish Singapore had some stock, so far I've Googled many retailers and none of them even seem to stock any of Amy Butler's prints, let alone Heather Bailey. Ah sigh.

What is there not to love?

I've been thinking of making a quilt these days, especially since I have been visiting certain craft websites and the quilt patterns always do seem to come out so nice.

I think it should not be too difficult as I have made pillows and toilet-roll holders from scratch before, and they turned out pretty good.

The only bad thing is that I do not have the beautiful resources to do so.

The range of craft prints in Singapore is rather limited, as compared to Australia and America where they seem to churn out these yummy beauties by the dozen.

In fact, I find the collection of fabric at Spotlight rather miserable and mandatory. It takes a lot to flip around and find a really good print, even if you do, it does not match up to Bailey's and Butler's styles. Aiyar sigh.

Abysmal collection from Spotlight? Please, do not tell me these are cute.

The real good stuff.

I really want some quality cloth.

Alright, nuff' said. I shall thereafter leave some eye candy for ahead! :)

Strawberry pin cushions - aren't they the cutest thing ever?

I love the contrast with bright red and turqoise. The yellow button brings it all together.

Heather's workshop. Look at the numerous piles of candy-coloured fabric in her chest - simply heavenly!

I feel like I just stepped into Neverland.

These are the stuff my childhood dreams are made up of.

Green isn't really my colour, but...

This particular shade just spells Q-U-I-R-K-Y!

A toffee pillow to match the caramel-coloured sofa.

And, the lovely Heather herself.

Awww sigh. Freshcut needs me so bad. I need Freshcut so bad.

I think I would just collapse in bliss if a bundle of freshly printed Freshcut fabric arrived on my doorstep right now.

On the other hand, I'm getting a spanking new sewing machine soon!

Sewing machine: $299
Spare parts: $65
Fabric: $10

Thread and other miscellaneous materials: $5.90

The look of satisfaction on your loved one's face: Priceless


Can't wait for this baby to arrive.

An Unsent Letter.
Tuesday, July 08, 2008 @ 4:13 PM

There is something that has been at the back of my mind for a long time.

I've not touched it, neither have I pondered about this or bothered to talk about this for some time.

Yes, it's about you.

The reason why I kept quiet all this while was because I did not want to blow up this matter.

Despite knowing that I was not the one in the wrong, I knew if I did go around and tell everybody about what ACTUALLY happened, it would blow things up to a larger scale and make things worse.

Thats why I kept it in my heart for really long until today, and I believe up till now some people still believe that what you said was true, and still view me with the eyes that come with the words which you said.

I remember sometime, last year.

I was new to my surroundings and you were an experienced old bird. (sorry, I just had to use the word 'bird' cos I think it really suits you)

Perhaps, you were bored. Perhaps you felt the need to vaporize someone for you own personal pleasure so that you would look good.

Nevertheless, thank you I guess, for being a 'friend'.

Thank you for hanging out with me, showing me acts of concern, building rapport with me, telling me about some of your insecurities (hmmm, are they really?) and letting me see you as somebody who wasn't as bad as others claimed.

Thank you for the nights out with me, where we just walked and talked and you poured out some of your issues and listened to me.

I was listening in the status of a friend who actually believed you were genuinely in need of friends.

I thought other people were being biased towards you, and that they could not recognize that you were in fact, a mere being with the ability to feel with your heart truly.

I believed you just wanted to do good for everybody, even though they must have interpreted your intentions badly (oh they must have!).

Hey, geez, perhaps this is the reason why you have little friends in the first place, I suppose?

For you were somebody who allowed me to place my trust in you, and confide in you some of my heartfelt issues, before turning around and stabbing me in the back.

Thank you for showing me the truth, and telling me you wanted to help me to get rid of the evil, when you were essentially the truth in itself.

I do not know what you were thinking when you went around spreading untruths to everybody, just because I did not talk to you for a while.

Thank you for looking into my eyes and telling me you liked me with true genuinity, before telling everybody that I was the one who liked you, and you found me irritating.

Thank you, really, I must say.

However, I must say my real thanks lie in the fact that I now know what kind of person you truly are, and to allow me to unravel myself quickly from this whole complicated mess that you have created and still trap yourself in.

After the incident, I must say I was truly shocked to hear about this coming from of all people, but you. But after a moment of pondering, this thought came into my mind.

"Who would not have known? Who would not have known what this kind of person truly was?"

I have kept my peace about this issue for a year.

All I can say now is, today I am now glad that I know what kind of character you truly are - very intriguing and interesting (yes), but also very complicated and messed-up.

You asked me, why? Why is your life always filled with dread and gloom?
Let me tell you why.
You are the one who constantly brings yourself into all these issues.

I wouldn't have minded if you were not my friend at first.

People ask me why don't I talk to you anymore, why don't I even look at you?

Is it because I feel upset that you 'rejected' me?

Let me tell you the answer, point-blank:

It's because, I do not want to be associated or even go near somebody like you.

I hate the thought of having somebody whom I thought was a friend, turn around and stab me in the back, then claiming that I stabbed my own self.

Yes, t'was very nice of you. Extremely kind, eh.

I hope you do not do it to another innocent party though.

That's it. I've said my peace.


Is Cloud 9 Only A Temporary Feeling?
@ 12:44 AM

Ahhh, I love...
Shan't say.

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