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On youths becoming more technologically savvy but more brain dead.
Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 3:29 AM

This is it.

The Doomsday clock is ticking.

They often say, one day, humans will be wiped out from the surface of the earth, totally annihilated, because of what we are doing today. With every action comes a consequence. We, through the process of mass consumerism have gained a lot from the resources that this Earth has to offer, however we are also slowly but surely destroying ourselves and our world.

It is quite sad but yet it is rather inevitable.

Can one person change the world? Can some strong opposing views change the world?

I, albeit being quite an optimist, do not think so. It takes one person to say something and another person to start doing.

Sometimes I think our current youth generation is quite lacking. Not to say that I am not. Sure, there are many bright sparks and gifted students (oh, I hate the sound of that word, but nmind) thanks to the education system, but there also a lot of rather brain-dead people in our society. When I say society, I mean our world in general.

I believe being gifted isn't in our genes. You aren't born gifted. You become gifted, slowly, through the surroundings you are placed in and the people who surround you, who shape your worldview, values and take on issues. Many people nowadays know what is the right thing and what they should do. However, very few actually are opinionated and have a stand, or a calling. Like many youths are quite politically apathetic and rather ignorant and passive towards what is going on in our world nowadays.

Check out Youtube. Some disparaging comments (racist) just make one feel rather disheartened.

AND, the main reason for why I think youths have become so mentally retarded and passive?

It's because we are being spoon-fed and locked in a cage. A shell.

I find it rather true that our technologically advanced world has made us faster consumers, but we have also become slower readers and thinkers, finding it difficult to process words on a piece of paper as compared to a webpage.


The Day After:
Tuesday, February 16, 2010 @ 2:25 PM

So he's gone.

And this is how it must feel like.

I did not cry when he turned around and left, strangely. Nobody else was crying either. I felt perfectly okay and stable when he walked through the departure gates, only with a slightly sourish feeling tugging and twisting on my heart strings, especially when his Dad commented that he had went in by the wrong gate.

I felt like I had kept my composure. You seem like a strong girl.

But then after that we bid our farewells to everybody.

And, they left one by one.

In groups.

His parents offered to send me home, but I declined... saying that my Dad was here to send me to my Uncle's house for CNY dinner.

So I went towards the entrance of Terminal 3, as far away from the departure gates as possible. I really could not bear to turn back.

That was perhaps the first time in my life I realised what a horrible, stagnant and cold place the airport could really be.

And I sat on a chair, you know, those new, plastic-like hard chairs that the newly refurbished T3 is installed with.

And then the warm tears started flowing freely.

Down my made-up face, onto my pretty white and pink ZARA dress.

Everybody was staring at the girl crying alone. Two soldiers walking into and out of the airport, on patrol duty. The lost and homeless guy sitting next to me. A mom with her child.

Argh. This really sucks.

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