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Wednesday, June 04, 2008 @ 11:28 PM

I've been playing games these few months.

The websites that I've been going to offer you a free trial which lasts 1 HOUR.

After that, the game just stops halfway and strips you of all the titles and glory that you were indulging in.

But apparently, the system couldn't beat smart ol' me!

Everytime I finished using the miserable 1 hour's length from Website A, I would go to website B and download the same game! Just don't uninstall the game from Website A first. Re-install Game B and let it run over Game A and voila, it just continues!

Sooooo. I'm actually playing a damn addictive game now and it's called...

Laura Jones And The Gates Of The Good And Evil.

Lol, yeah I know the name is soooo wtf.

But, I assure you it is really fun to play!

No, I don't need your autograph, bugger.

For some reason, I hate stupid jocks.

Guys who think highly of themselves because they're in sports ccas and who flock around the bimbos in school.

Typical traits of a jock:

1. They walk with a swagger and talk like a nigga.

2. They enjoy being seen with and talking to the hottest girls. TO UPPP THEIR "I'M-MR-BIG" REPUTATION MAH. -coughs, chokes and pukes-

3. They like wearing tight shirts to show off their muscular build.

4. They enjoy making a fool of themselves in class and in front of the teacher, trying to be smart alecks.

Well, I dislike guys with brawn and no brain.

But dumb jocks make the game more fun and interactive. Look, even his outfit looks humongously exaggerated and oversized.

Really fun! I love games which involve cute little animals. Yes, more of that please!

It's so fun to bathe the pet, brush it's hair and feed it food!

Feed the cat some fish and it will give you clues!

In this stage, you have to use your mouse to catch fish and fling it towards the cat for it to eat them. She will then give you clues to help you along your journey.

So cute!

I told Henry I was playing these kinda games and can you believe it, he laughed?

He laughed!

And he claims it's some game for small girls!

Wth. Go ahead and play your I'm-super-macho gun-slinging WWII games then.

Yeah... Holy grail, baby!

The 18th and last friggin' stage I worked my ass off to get into. Yes, I did my homework first, by the way.

It feels really good to play finish a game and reach the last stage, you feel like "Yaye, I finally completed it! Let's see what's in the end!"

But sometimes, games like to fool you because in the end it's like rubbish can. You receive a banner saying, "Congratulations! You're reached the end of your journey for the holy grail/mystical cup of honour/magical shit." and you're like:


So, this is all I get?

But whaddaya expect from a game then? It's meant to pass time, anyway.

This game is really interesting! Do download if you're really bored at home. You can download it from Big Fish Games or any other game website, just google the game.

Another game I've been playing lately is:

Cooking Academy.

This game is close to being an exact replica of Cooking Mama on Nintendo DS.

Cooking Mama on your DS.

Mama can cook!

Except this time, instead of the stylus, you use your mouse!

Baking tuna puffs in Cooking Academy.

This game is really interactive in the way that, every movement or action you make with your mouse will be recorded as the action you do on screen. Something like a touch-pad.

There are tons of recipes to choose from - be spoiled for choice from appetizers, main courses and desserts.

Recipe: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

One interesting point is that, unlike most cooking games, you get to decide how your food turns out. There are certain recipes in which you will have to arrange the food on your plate, and a snapshot of it will be taken.

Getting your food judged.

However, albeit being interesting at first, it tends to get boring and a little tiring after a while as you're basically just doing the same few movements with the same few recipes. Your wrists even start to hurt, and you find yourself hurrying through the recipes just to reach the last stage.

Akin to how you get bored with Cooking Mama after playing it on the DS for a while.

The idea seems fresh at first, but you just don't want to be doing the same movements throughout a whole game right?

I would recommend this game for those who wanted to get Cooking Mama but couldn't.

You will get your fill playing this game!


Alright, enough of me recommending some games. Now it's your turn to download it if you wanna!

I'm gonna get my butt down to working again.

Until next time.

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