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Random SMSes Behind Locked Doors.
Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 5:34 PM

"Daddy, did anyone call me just now?"

"Yar. A boy."


"I dunno lar... I told him you were sleeping."

"Eh, I wasn't sleeping! I was doing my work."

"I thought you were sleeping?"

"No... Aiyar."


Haha, my Dad is the funniest man in the world I swear.

He makes up ANY reply for the phone when my room door is locked.

And I don't often lock my room door, only lock it when I'm inside tweezing my eyebrow or memorizing notes and reading them aloud.

The reason why I'm so A-N-A-L about anyone disrupting my peace when I'm studying is because when I'm memorizing, I need to sing my notes out in a tune, eg. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star like 5 times each for a sentence.

Anything just to get them into my head, tight.

You see, I think I have short term memory and I seriously need to resort to absurd ways to study. Thats why I often don't like studying outside or with my friends cos they will surely laugh at me.

Then, afterwards, they get irritated cos they cannot study. T____T

Also, my attention tends to get diverted more when I'm outside and I end up talking a lot. Geez.

Wish I could take attention pills or something wtf.

Anyway, I checked my phone afterwards and saw a missed call and a message from Henry.

It said,

"Hey girl. Taking a nap? Call me asap. I wanna watch e show u said. I end at ard 1 tml"

So it was HIM who called lah.

But anyway, I wanna watch this show called The Happening. Go google it. It's very interesting I think, and it's another plot by M Night Shymalan, although I went on rottentomatoes and they didn't really have good critiques for it but I'm still gonna watch it nonetheless!

Nothing's gonna ruin my plan. -beams-

I love dark apocalyptic thrillers movies like this though I get scared and I end up covering my eyes 95% of the time.

My friends say it's a waste of $9.50, but I assure you it is not okay, I DO watch it between the slits from my fingers! -nods earnestly-

Quite scary leh, you don't wanna risk me suddenly screaming next to you right?

Anyway, the good thing about having a bf is that you can have anyone on stand by to go out with or do anything you want. Hehe.

Same goes for gf lah. DUH.


I think I should tell my Dad from now on, whenever I lock doors, doesn't mean I'm necessarily sleeping.

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Hello, I am Jia Xin.
psalm 27:4

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satisfying FOOD, cooking & baking, romantic and funny movies, shopping, going to the beach, Lisa Ono, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Aretha Franklin, all that jazz, Bossanova! And just hanging out with the people I love makes me happy :)

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