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Late night McDonalds.
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 1:35 PM

Eating Mcdonald's late at night is actually quite good.

I had the craving for McD's last night at 2am.

I was trying to resist the urge at first, and between 2-230 am I was actually flipping through channels on Starhub TV and a single question was running through my mind, "Should I... Or should I not?"

In the end, I could not resist the urge anymore and finally called them to deliver it to my house!

I should not be doing this much anymore.

Let's be rational here. *clears throat*

1stly, it's not good for my health to eat junk food late at night.

2ndly, it's really quite expensive.

3rdly, I might put on the pounds.

4thly, if really must eat so late at night, why must you call for delivery and add an extra $3 to your bill when you could have just crossed a few blocks and walked to McDonald's?
Huh huh huh?

Anyway, last night I could not reject my tremendous craving for McWings.

Geez. Why am I so...


Be strong, girl!

Fight the craving.

Dare I say... glory is staring at you in the eyes.

Although it's not the weight I'm worried about (I need more pounds, for sakes) but I'm afraid of being unhealthy lah.

*Looks at tummy*

Okay, actually it's in the pounds.

Anyway, I ordered a McWings meal and let me tell you ah, all Mcdelivery staff seem to be really polite and courteous. I can't find any fault with them, and they always do seem to remember my special orders.

Maybe thats another reason why I like going back to them.

Mcdonald's is not that bad, actually.

Okay stop reminding me about Fast Food Nation, yeah.


Speaking about fats and fast food, I think I need to hit the gym soon. Or start jogging on a weekly basis, for starters.

Sigh. The gym is so enticing.

It's like, dangling before my eyes.

But I know it's only because of the air-con and the hot guys who will be working out and sweating. *sizzles*

Lol. How superficial can I get?

Even I am amazed by my own superficiality.

But knowing such a klutz like me, even if I dress up glam-glam and wear something really nice, when I go to the gym to work out the Miss Wood in me will just come out again and make me do something really stupid like dropping a weight on my foot when I see a cute guy doing bench-presses.


I need a coach to teach me how to not be a klutz.

In the past, whenever I went out with a guy I liked and I would spend so much time to curl my hair and dress up nicely, I would just do something during the date to bop it up.

Like, I dunno - spilling soup on my dress or getting my heel stuck in a drain-cover?

Which is incredibly embarrassing especially if you were looking to make a nice first impression.

By the way, I know it's really funny for guys when girls get their heel stuck in the grills, but yeah. (Actually I think I would find it funny too if I saw a girl get her heel stuck, but ok nmind)

You're not supposed to laugh, but actually SUPPRESS your laughter and go up to help her, can?

It's not like heels were invented for drains or something.

And I bet girls will be incredibly grateful to guys who save their Manolos from the evil of what lurks beneath.


Anyway, I've had enough blogging for today. Will go start on my work now.

I'll update on a list on summer shoes next.

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