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Sunday, July 29, 2007 @ 11:46 AM

A small dedication.

After the concert last Saturday, I went home feeling sentimental.
I miss Mr Yap. Seriously, SC band would not be complete without him.

Although we're only a small-town band in a school of Gold performing arts, you're the one who lights up our band life with your little quirks about life and the way you express yourself when you conduct makes me emote better when I used to play in our band.

And for this, I want to write you a little note of appreciation.


Dear Mr Yap,

You bring life to our band.

The way you tried so hard to share with us and show us how to play our piece, and how to bring out the emotions best. Although I was just sitting quietly there, listening. I was trying my best to put myself in the scenario and see it through your eyes.

You were the one who indirectly, spurred me on to try harder even though I didn't have music background and knew NOTHING about music when I joined SC band. I thought the little notes were tau gay. I didn't know how to read key signatures, or even how to count.

You made me realise that music is more than getting the notes right and your techniques down pat.
It's about emoting.

It's about feeling and expressing to the audience when you play.
It's about listening.

And for this, I spent endless hours at home just practicing long notes last time.
I was so determined to get my notes right, and to get the piece right. So that I could contribute each time I played in the band.

Your eyes shown whenever I played. The way you looked at me just gave me a feeling that you knew I was trying so hard.

I went from a zero player to a player with something.
Each time you complimented my tone, it only inspired me to work harder.

I'll never forget the time when we were tuning and I played a simple concert Bb.
It was just that one simple note.

You smiled and said to the whole band,

"Wah, can tik." (meaning: 'Beautiful' in malay)

You made me realise how much a lousy music player like me was worth my potential (was worth something) with my tone.

You were one of the key roles who ignited my passion in music.
You were the one who spurred me on, to want to achieve much more for our small but close-knitted band.

You really made my band life much more worth it.

Thank you, Mr Yap.

Once a band member and always a band member,
Jia Xin

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Hello, I am Jia Xin.
psalm 27:4

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