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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 @ 5:03 AM

I can't sleep.

Mosquitoes love me like crazy. I counted- 12 mosquito bites. On my arms and legs.

And it's so so so so itchy because I sleep with the air-con on and of course, wrapped in my comforter. It's usually warm and fluffy, and smells kinda sweet.

Side track: My room is, hands down, the nicest smelling room in the house. This is because I'm allergic to dust and so I try to distract myself from breathing it in (if it ever happens) by spraying Elizabeth Arden in my room sometimes.

Anyway, not to say that I waste perfume but Elizabeth Arden green tea scent is really nice. Well, at least it suits me. They say perfumes once sprayed onto your skin adhere to it differently, it differs from person to person, and how a perfume smells on you depends really much on your own body.

And how did I find out if this scent suits me?

It's because I once had this ex boyfriend (my first one), and when I went out with him on the first date, I felt so awkward and shy and didn't know much what to do. So you know, first dates - girls usually doll up a little more. And I decided to just grab any perfume on my mom's dresser. Turns out all her scents are either the miniature bottled kinds, which I do not fancy, or smelt really funny as they were kinda old.

And so I went for the outing.

The first thing he said when he saw me was, "What did you use? You smell good." And I just smiled and said, "It's some green tea perfume, haha." And I just expected him to nod nonchalantly. But then he looked surprised and said, "Green tea perfume?" And then he laughed and laughed as if green tea perfume was the funniest thing he ever heard.

I still remember saying, "Elizabeth Arden, okay."

So anyway, because of that little funny experience I really like that scent now. I realised that in the bottle it smells kinda iffy and light floral scent, but when it's on me it melts into some nice sweet nothing-ness.

But tonight, I keep tossing and turning and scratching. Argh. Trying not to scratch too much.

I just did scratch a few a little too much and then the skin broke. And now it's really pain and itchy. I wish I had someone to scratch for me. Like a personal scratcher. Haha.

Hmmm. It's 520am and I haven't slept yet. My neck hurts.

Gonna sleep soon.

Right now, I'm up because of someone.

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Hello, I am Jia Xin.
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