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Monday, January 08, 2007 @ 12:22 AM

Went shopping with TB last saturday for my new year clothes.

AND his new year clothes.

Here's what we came back with.


Oh wells. Still, I didn't know guys could shop. I give him credit for that :)

So we dragged our lazy feet around Marina Square. Nice shops and all, but there were too many choices and we kinda got tired after a while. So we sat. And rested.

And sat. And rested.

Nice free space at McCafe. He brought his laptop so we watched Step Up. Haha. There were many people looking too. It was kinda interesting. Liked the dance moves.

And then we started browsing around for our stuff again. This time, I tried on a black dress at Bebe and it was quite flattering. He commented that it was nice too.

Except the price tag was beautiful too.


Halfway shopping, we got bored and decided to catch a movie.

So we watched a horror movie. I got so freaked out and kept covering my eyes and singing throughout. (Jas, you've had that experience with me before) And then he started laughing at me.

I must have been a sight.

Halfway through there was this malay girl and her group who were talking really loudly. And then suddenly the malay girl screamed "CB**!" and I was kinda shocked. The whole of her group started laughing really loudly.

You know, I was thankful she did that that day.

I don't know why he has completely NO REACTION towards the show. Like, no scream/shout? He didn't even move the slightest bit.

So he lent me his ipod and I just plugged in towards the end.

Okay. I know.

I'm chicken. -sheepish grin-

The show was okay though.

After that we went to Levis to shop for his jeans, but you know what, it was so boring I wanted to die. Why are guys' clothes all the same? Except they're in different colours. No wonder they need so little time to make up their minds.

And then we went to Zara to look for his polo shirt but they were all kinda old. He spotted a nice shirt and wanted to buy it but there was no medium size left.


I seem to have lost my passion for shopping. Seems like he was dragging me around the other day.

I have decided where to get good and cheap clothes :D

Heh heh. My favourite haunt.

It's stuffy, crowded but you'll rummage oh so lovely finds.

Anyway, that was the best and most fun day I've had in ages, considering that we've not seen each other for 3 months. Since prelims. Because I wanted to focus.

He's doing his flight course now (all that plane turbulence, weather elements and stuff) so I think there'll be a longer period of time that we will not meet or talk since he's totally cooped up with training everyday. Heh :)

I'm used to it anyway. Time to catch up with my friends.

I was just wondering, and so I asked him, "Are you going to join the SAF or SIA in the future?"

And he replied, "SAF then SIA."

Hmmm. Hearing that made me feel so glad that I'm not a guy. No army! No vigorous training. Woah. I wonder how long he would have to train to get past SAF and then enter SIA.

6 years, darling?


Time to catch a few winks :)

PS: I MISS YOU WANYIN. Saw 3! Saw 3! Remember our date.

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