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Thursday, January 18, 2007 @ 10:54 PM


Public displays of affection.

It's that awful thing that couples do in trains and buses, and well almost in all public places.

Oh man. Please keep your hands off each other and on yourselves. I mean, firstly have you noticed that you're not the only ones in the cabin? And also, I'm not trying to be, well, an auntie but they are KIDS around sometimes.

Like innocent lil uns'.

And their minds get contaminated with all that stuff that you do.

Take for example, today I was on the train early in the morning and trying to catch a few winks and all. And there was this couple in front of me, consisting of a 20-plus looking lady and her boyfriend who were totally, like. GROPING.

I mean, firstly. Argh.

Not a very nice sight.

Said guy was leaning against a pole and sorta had his arms around the girl and they were both happily whispering sweet nothings/fondling and all. Oh wells. To make it worse, this old lady was looking for something to hold on to but the guy had his whole body propped against the entire bar.

Oh wells. I mean, can't you give the old lady some space?

And so I stood up to let her have my seat.


She immediately rushed over and plopped herself down on the empty seat.

I was like, geez. I gave my seat to the old lady who was right in front of you and you just sat on it like she wasn't even there?

Then the girl called loudly, "Eh, faster! Here got seat." and sorta motioned for her boyfriend to come over. But then her wouldn't budge cos he knew that the old lady was waiting for that seat.

The girl called again, "Eh, come lah.". And she started hitting the seat LOUDLY (whoa) to get his attention. Other people were staring at her instead.

Poor guy.

He just stared at the floor. And she called him again.

"Huh?" he asked nonchalently.
"Come here."

And then he sorta shuffled over.

"You cannot hear meh?" she asked, and he just remained quiet. She pushed him towards the empty seat.

"You sit lah." he said.
"No, you sit." she insisted.

So he sat and pulled her down onto his lap. And she was giggling. Shivers. Then they started groping again and MADE OUT.

Shivers. In public somemore leh.

Everyone was like, errr... This man moved away from them, perhaps to give them ample space. I think the guy was struggling under her weight.

Oh wells. Singapore's sob stories.

They're all in their little dreamlands, oblivious to passerbys.


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