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Thursday, December 15, 2005 @ 11:52 PM

Just realised that I haven't updated for a long time.

Had a good time today. I'm in a good mood right now :)

I've rarely been in a good mood since a few months back, so I shall make good use of this time that I actually feel happy. And when I mean happy, I mean glowing inside and out. Contented, pleased and I want to shout out in euphoria!

Funny thing that happened was when I called my mom on the phone and talked to her, she actually asked me, "Why do you sound like you're smiling?" and I was like, "Mummy! How do you know?" Haha. Mom knows me best.

Went out with Viv and we walked around Orchard looking for her birkenstocks! Lucky girl. Apparently her boyfriend Ignatius gave her the money for a Christmas present. Can you believe it? I can't. Its not even like they're married or something. And here they are, giving each other money to buy gifts. He doesn't mind actually. But I think she was quite hurt that he didnt want to go with her. Awww nevermind, you've got your lovely cousin here with you too right :)

Haha. So anyway we went around looking for Ignatius's Christmas gift to her. He's busy with some intern job, and he gave her $200 to splurge on anything she likes. Hmmmm. Well, I don't know about you but I think that $200 is a lot to spend on your girl friend. Heh. We went to Wheelock Place and walked around Borders first. And then here, we encountered something unusual.

We were browsing the magazine counter and I picked up a copy of Time when a guy came in. Viv was looking at Female over at the other side. The guy seemed flustered and he was sorta panting heavily.

Guy: Hi, how old are you?

Me: 15 this year.

Guy: I'm from I Models and I am scouting for a New Face for a Starhub advertisement.

Me: Okay ...

Guy: I see you look quite mature for your age. We are an international model agency... blah. Specialising in you know whats, we are so famous in you know where.

Me: Okay.

Guy: I was wondering if you are interested, because I have a name card
here. -whips out card- I'm Bernard.

Me: OK, I'll take a look first. Can I get back to you?

Guy: Sure. May I have your number?

At this point I was wondering if I should give him a fake number (!), since I do have his number anyway.

Me: Its okay, can I get back to you? Thanks.

Guy: Welcome.

I do wonder if it's faux. After all, I have been encountered before by a lady with a Filipino accent at Cityhall MRT. It's just too common. Points to note; He did mention Starhub and gave me his name card though. What I do know is, I Models is definitely trusted, at least thats what I heard from my friends. Nevertheless, I told my mom about this and she laughed.

I am not going to be one! Choy.

Haha so anyway Viv and I went up to the Birkenstock shop and chose a yellow pair with white stripes for Viv. It cost a whopping $192. Looks cool actually. I want one! Guess I'll have to save up for it.

And then I suggested buying a chocolate bar in return for Iggie's effort (thats what she calls him, sounds gay but so affectionate) and we went down to Mark's and Spencer's. Of course that is not his Christmas present! Just a little something extra for being nice and giving. And down we went where we bumped into You Know Who. I shan't say it here, but people who know me might get the idea. We said hi in an awkward way and slumped away leaving me feeling guilty for a while. We got a dark chocolate bar for Iggie (!) and gummies.

I hope Viv gets married to Iggie and then the family tradition will be passed on. I wonder why the Men are always hen-pecked in my family. Perfect examples are my Dad (Michael), Grandpa and Uncle Richard. Kinda sounds pathetic actually. Yeh, I do suppose Men have the greater stand. Isn't it always right? To me it is. The head of the family I suppose.

And then after that Viv went off to meet her Iggie for lunch. I went to meet Ian the Giant (inside joke) at Shaw Centre and we caught Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire at Lido. It's my second time watching it, and his first. I don't mind cos I want to catch up on the plot. The first time watching was such a mind-boggler. I'm not usually into Harry Potter except maybe for the first few episodes where I bothered to read the books. And then after that it got dreary. Quite a disappointment, I was expecting so much more from the characters. I did like the sound effects and graphics :)

Bottomline: It is boring. Do not watch it unless you are a true-blue Harry Potter fan.

Ian is a nice person to talk to. He relates to everything well with me, and it seems like we have endless topics to catch up on. Haven't actually caught up with him for a year, he seems the same as before. Good old Ian. We went to Pepper Lunch for dinner, hmmmm what an irony. I ordered some lovely corn and beef rice, first time I tasted it was with Franco. It was good. Ian and I sorta shared it because we weren't really hungry. And the waitress was staring at us because we were sharing. But its okay, right? Haha.

And then after that we walked around Orchard at night and looked at the Christmas lights. It was wonderful, we actually strolled all the way down to Tanglin to see if there were any foam machines this year! Apparently no. Awwww. Haha and then he was telling me how he used to come to Tanglin every year when he was younger just to play with the foam. Cute :)

And then we walked back to Lido and passed by an old guy selling tissue paper. Oh man. Poor guy. I bought 2 packets, felt quite bad actually because people were walking past him and not giving a care about him. His leg was amputated :(

And then it was nearing 10 pm so he walked me to the MRT and sent me back home! His home is all the way at Upper Bukit Timah by the way. I felt really happy then. Thanks dude, I totally appreciated it :)

Hmmm so anyway now I'm back home and I'm in a good mood! I just miss Max. Lovely old furball, you gave me so much warmth. Without you I'm so alone. Boooo. Come back home :)

G'night people!

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