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Friday, September 02, 2005 @ 10:44 PM

Dad says I can get an IPOD if...

a) I get 4 A1s for this year's EOYS.
b) I pass my next guitar exam with a distinction! Not bad, I almost got distinction last time but missed by 2 marks.
c) I don't talk on the phone. Too much.

Yeahh. So thats basically it. So many rules to keep to, but I want my IPOD mini! Decked in lime green.

Pretty please? Ke yi ma?

I already have a whole list of songs to jam to.

And viv already has a second MP3. Lucky girl. She broke her last one and was darn pissed at the manufacturer for refusing to accept the guarantee.

Oh well. Actually I have 2 choices. It's between a pair of Birkenstocks (the real thing) and an IPOD. To make it fair, since the IPOD costs more I get to choose any pair of Birkenstocks in Wheelock Place! Hey. Dad said it. :9

I already have my eyes on one. It's the denim one on display. Costs $100-$150 if I'm not wrong.

$150 on a pair of casual slipper-like things.

OR $500 (and below) for an IPOD mini/MP3 player?

The guys say I should go for the IPOD! And the girls say birkenstocks. Ah, I understand.

One (girl) can never have too many shoes.

Actually I don't even have a proper one la. My white flats just tore at the front part because I was kicking (at something, not someone) and it kinda... broke. sob.

Its already scruffy. I can't bear to throw them away.

It was a gift from my mom for a special occasion, and therefore it is significant. I bet you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "What. For a pair of shoes?" Yes. Even though they are a pair of shoes.

I never throw away things that mean a lot to me.

I was cleaning out my cupboard the other day and I came through a pile of memories. Postcards, old letters, gifts and stuffed toys from friends whom I can only remember their names but I don't know how they look like now. Somehow I just felt warm and happy reading those old letters again. They are enough to form a thick stack.

I tied them up with string and placed them in a box.

I know I will never throw them away, even when I clean my room every year. Because these are my memories. And memories aren't forever.

One day, I shall show these to my children/boy friend/husband. Haha.

At least they'll know a part of me.

Haha. And I also know that my room will be extremely cluttered by then. As it already is. And its also hot and stuffy because my air con broke down a month ago. Dad doesn't want to repair it, because I use it quite frequently and the bill gets sky high. I want you, Mr Cool! I miss sleeping at night with the air con on at full blast (aha!) while I'm snug between my comforters and all my stuffed toys around me to protect me from The Bogey Man. Waste of electricity, I know. It's like I purposely get cold in order to be hot. Doesn't make sense, does it.

I'm scared of the dark.

And somehow I seem to have an over-active imagination. Don't work well together. I shall expect to overcome my fear by the time I'm 21, I suppose.


Today has been a very tiring day. Don't feel like blogging about it unless you wanna read a huge chunk of junk like, "I ate chicken mushroom noodles during recess! etcetc". Highlights of today: Honours Day and Kedah Band exchange.

The band exchange was ok. We always have band exchanges, and its stupid how they always pair us with neighbouring boys' schools. SJI for example. I saw the SJI flautist! Slick-backed hair, glasses and chest-high shorts. Hm. Typical SJI style. But anyway, the Kedah band exchange today turned out well and as usual we played pieces for them to hear. I must say their band is VERY good. They took part in some Australian Competition and came in first! Impressive. They are also very friendly and extremely humble.

We had a meet and greet session with the students, and I walked around shaking their hands and introducing myself. They are very polite and friendly, and didn't shy away like people usually do! And might I say they are extremely humble, despite having so many achievements. We had great fun and I hope they did as well. =)

It was also Honours Day, and I received a badge as an award.

Oh well. EOYS are coming really soon, and I'm cramming through all my sciences and maths. Not free to go online and use the comp as often now, much less talk on the phone. I've got tuition for bio, chem, and both maths the whole of next week. So much for holidays.

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