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Sunday, July 17, 2005 @ 9:41 PM

Old people.

Aren't they just poor, helpless victims of the society? I don't know if I'm being too emotional, but everytime I see an old man sitting alone by himself or an old lady trying to push a cart across the road I feel a pang of sympathy pricking my heart. Oh dear... they really do have this perpetual tinge of misery in their eyes. It makes me feel so sad, like I want to reach out to them and offer them love and care. But yet, I don't even know them.

I can't.

Viv and I were out on our usual shopping trip today when I saw an old lady by the roadside selling tissues. It's so common, you see them everywhere dotted in Orchard Road. She was dressed in a humble pair of old slacks and tattered slippers. She approached a couple who looked about 20 to ask them politely if they wanted to buy a packet of tissue paper. They treated her as if she was non-existent, and the guy even shouted at her to quit bugging them.

She then retreated back to a corner of the road, looking so dejected.

Ah. My heart felt as if it wanted to break into a million pieces! I so wanted to cry at that instant.

She was just so helpless.

I immediately walked over and flung out all the loose change I had, which turned out to be 3 bucks or less. She held out 6 packets of tissue for me, figuring that I wanted to buy them all. But I smiled at her, told her nicely that she could keep the change and I walked off with a packet.

I hope its enough money for her to buy a meal.

She probably doesn't have a home. I wonder where she's gonna sleep tonight... sigh. Maybe I'm just too soft-hearted. Am I? Viv thinks so too. I do love my gramps. They're so cute.

If I had a wish, I wouldn't ask for a million more wishes. I would like everybody in the world to have a home filled with love.

Is that too much to ask for?


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